Showcase your holiday deals at our new Prime Early Access Sale on October 11-12


Our new two-day global shopping event, Prime Early Access Sale, gives you the opportunity to kick off the holiday shopping season early by promoting Prime Exclusive discounts and coupons.

As part of the event, we’re making it easier for Prime members to discover, shop, and save on your deals. New deals will drop throughout the event, allowing you to showcase products across all top categories, including electronics, fashion, home, kitchen, pets, and toys.

To participate in the Prime Early Access Sale, submit a Prime Exclusive Discount or Coupon before October 11, 2022.


It’s great that this was announced with a full 11 days worth of preparation.
With how fast FBA works and how LTLs are processed in minutes, I’m sure that so many sellers will be able to make the most of it.


It’s actually been known for a couple of months. Advertising has been open for the event since august. It was subtle but Amazon did notify sellers.


What do we use for the Start and End dates for a coupon, in order for the Coupon to officially be a part of this event? What is the minimum discount amount for a Coupon for this event?


The Prime Fall Deal Event was originally announced on 6/1 in Seller Central where Deal submission on recommended ASINs was open through 08/05!

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So your saying that nobody participated in this and so you guys had to open it up again?

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Not at all! This announcement is for Prime Exclusive Discounts and Coupons as they are still able to be submitted for participation since no ASIN recommendations are required!

The 8/5 deadline was for submissions on recommended ASINs only.




Now that this event is announced to the public, you are able to put in the exact dates you want the coupon to run!



why do some listings have an a prime early access blue banner on them and are posted on the main page
How do we do that is that some where on the campaigns or randomnly picked ?

i also see that some listing show sell thru like the lighting deals


I created a coupon before October 11 and my listing doesn’t have the Prime Early Access blue banner as others do, why not?