Revised effective date for changes to adult products policies


On October 1, 2021, we updated our adult products policy for wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls, to require that they be automatically classified as adult products beginning November 15, 2021. To support your business through the rest of the year, and give you more time to prepare for this change, we’ve postponed the effective date of the policy change to January 17, 2022 following which we will automatically classify wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls as adult products. No action is required from our selling partners to apply this classification.

These items will continue to be available for sale and discoverable to all customers searching for them within their current listing category. For example, if a kegel product is currently listed under the Health Care category, it will still be surfaced when customers search for this product within this category, but won’t be returned through general (all departments) search.

Historically, we have classified over 85% of products in these two categories as adult products. This policy update extends that to all products so we are consistent in how these two categories are classified in our store, and ensures that these products (regardless of whether they are for medical use or not) are not surfaced to children or other unintended audiences who are not looking to buy these products.

For more information, review the updates to the Adult products policies & guidelines that will go into effect on January 17, 2022.


I think if you buy something of the sexual nature, and it doesn’t delight you, you should just throw it in the garbage and not try to return it. I think if its a reasonable price, its just nasty to say you “no longer need” it, or “bought by mistake”.

You should be held accountable for these purchases, as they cant be re-sold. But some people just are nasty, and Im not sure what they are thinking by trying to return it, but of course we know what they are thinking… Freebies


A quick google search of top results in the category show the competition does not have an issue with it, which is probably why Amazon assumes you won’t either. Places like Adam and Eve offer 90 day returns for “any reason whatsoever”. Some other places are 60 days. I don’t sell in that category, but if the top 5 places googled offer “any reason whatsoever”, I can imagine Amazon would be more than likely to do the same.
Sounds like that kind of business model needs a UPS drop box that just goes down a chute to a dumpster, and perhaps lit on fire. :slight_smile:


It is probably done to minimize all the (illegitimate) chargebacks they receive. Better to take the return than get dinged by the bank.

“Honey, I have no idea what this is. We must have been hacked!”


Yup. I imagine it happens all the time.


If it falls under sexual wellness then it would be exempt.


It’s great that Amazon is taking steps to filter explicit content, and I’m sure many of the products being reclassified are rightfully done so. I’m concerned that the policy as planned may make it more difficult for women to safely and conveniently locate medical devices without unnecessary exposure to sexually explicit products.

Pelvic floor conditions affect 33% of adults within their lifetime, from poor bladder control to discomfort with tampon use and even painful intimacy, pelvic health symptoms are all too common. While many of these symptoms and conditions are treatable, restricted access to pelvic health solutions delays treatment and prolongs suffering. Amazon could best avoid disproportionally disadvantaging women unnecessarily by heeding the petitions calling on them to properly classify such medical devices separately from adult entertainment. And we as a community can help this cause as well by finding such petitions or starting ones anew.

Although it seems it is not permitted to link to such petitions or make direct references towards platforms that empower individuals to join together to advocate for such change, concerned community members can aid such causes by finding similar petitions online that ask Amazon to stop putting women’s heath at risk by implementing this policy as planned.


Penis clamps for male incontinence are not adult products.

Pelvic floor weights for female incontinence are adult products.

Thanks Amazon. Great work perpetuating sexism.


I see outside links are not permitted. Please find the petition by searching for:

“Our health is at risk. Here’s how you can help.”

on the online petition organization website for change. AKA change (dot) org.


So Amazon will allow items to be sold over the holidays under the wrong category and possibly expose children to sex toys but block sellers of BANDAI video games even though they have been selling them for 12 years without issue due to wanting to improve customer experience. GOT IT!! @SEAmod

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