Now available: Returns Provider program for seller-fulfilled orders


We have launched the Returns Provider program to help international sellers manage seller-fulfilled returns from US customers.

If you don’t have a US return address, the Returns Provider program can connect you with service providers to manage your returns.

Using this program simplifies US seller-fulfilled returns, allows you to recoup return costs, and ensures a seamless customer returns experience. Once enrolled in the program, you can receive Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders with the provider’s domestic warehouse address, enabling you to further streamline customer returns.

Go to Returns Provider program to learn more.

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Great, fantastic, but someone just said “No longer needed”, and Amazon just gave my money to the person. So he kept the product without sending me back. Sure, If I make a mistake the customer can keep the product and the money. But If I make no mistake, the customer just doesn’t want the product, in that case, why does Amazon give the product to the customer and refund his money? It’s literally Amazon supporting scam/theft.


I like most sellers from the UK and Ireland have found an easier way to deal with Amazons free goods under 25 dollars/euros policy we have simply removed all goods under the 25 mark from sale on Amazon international sites it has put and end to the fraudulent activity.


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We have launched the Returns Provider program to help international sellers manage seller-fulfilled returns from US customers … Using this program simplifies US seller-fulfilled returns, allows you to recoup return costs

So domestic sellers have to pay for all returns, but international sellers do not?


You think this program won’t have a fee or cost?


It is just like the insurance marketplace. It gives international sellers a list of freight forwarders that will accept their returns and send them back to the seller’s country for a fee. The sellers will pay the cost for return labels from Amazon and on top of that they will need to pay whatever the company they go with charges for their service.

It doesn’t reduce the costs for international sellers.


I assume that Amazon’s list of options will not be the cheapest options either.


All, this is just an update that the program is now active, for the original “coming soon” announcement of the program in January:


And it’s very likely that they will just pay for disposal because so much of the “merchandise” is simply not worth the cost of having it returned to just be disposed of where they are (read China).

The issue that I see is that it will open things up for the mass of sellers that didn’t sell previously due to not having a US return address (at least not a REAL address).

Beware of the upcoming flood of even more cheap junk…


Amazon is slowly trying to get rid of 3P sellers. If you notice Amazon is defaulting to UPS instead of USPS even if you set your sole preference to USPS. Amazon charges 10-cents less than USPS but if you look at the “fine print” (actually the box on the screen) it says “No Confirmation”.

Now what I interpret that to mean is if a scammer says “Item Not Received” and you are using Amazon’s UPS account the scammer will be fully refunded. And since you are NOT the shipper of record (even if your return address is on the package) you cannot collect on any claim of a lost or stolen package. “No Confirmation” means Amazon is NOT funding the INR.

As with the Post Office its Delivery Confirmation and Amazon by policy is required to fund the INR or A to Z Claim (which they do not always do and you have to appeal) and as we all know Amazon will not pursue UPS for any claims.


Ya, can’t get more un-American than that can ya?


Then (assuming the conspiracy part was true) pay the extra $0.10 for usps and be done


Exactly! Thus the reason why I removed nearly all my items from this platform. Amazon is enabling the scammers.


Which is exactly what I do.


International =🇨🇳


I am in AU, so this is relevant to my business.
Checked “amazon return providers” only to find them to be quite expensive.

There are quite a few services around that are heaps cheaper (freight forwaders). Using one of them, and quite happy with service and price.
So, for anyone looking to use “amazon return providers”, do your own research first. Yo will find a better deal. And keep in mind that service that is good, say for US to AU, is not necessarily cheap for returns from, say UK. So, you may have to use different providers for different countries.


Your question is reasonable, therefor, you will never get an answer.


I think it’s a great idea to make things easier for international sellers who’ve already been provided a red carpet to come in and undercut US based small businesses. Fantastic!