New restrictions on appliance sales to California in 2023


The California Energy Commission (CEC) requires that regulated appliances must meet minimum appliance energy efficiency standards and are registered in the Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDbS) with accurate information, including brand name, manufacturer name, and model numbers.

On February 6, 2023, we’ll start to restrict the sale of products to California that are not registered in the MAEDbS in the following categories:

  • Lightbulbs
  • Pool Products & Portable Spa Products
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Computers and Monitors

Any products that you sell in these categories will still be available for sale on Amazon; however, they won’t be available for sale into California until you properly register them with the CEC’s MAEDbS. Once we confirm your products have been registered, your listings will be automatically re-instated for sale into California.

For more information on the product types that require MAEDbS registration, go to California Energy Commission (CEC).

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California, please stop being so daft.


If we could just block sales to Calif, maybe the voters would decide to let their elected people know how they feel.

“Due to regulations in your state, we cannot ship this product there. Please contact your representative and complain to them about how you feel about this”


Here’s an idea, Amazon: Allow sellers to refuse to sell ANYTHING in California. The amount of red tape, regulations, and BS we have to jump through is total nonsense and not worth our time.


It would be funny if you could no longer buy light bulbs or computers within California due to no manufacture willing to comply. That would teach em.


If Amazon implemented a feature that allowed third-party sellers to restrict sales to California, many sellers would gladly participate. Not for political reasons, but its simply economically unfeasible to adjust to the whims of their requirements to sell products.


I really respect your optimism.

The solution is to allow sellers to block buyers and locations.


California is the largest market in the US and that’s not only because of the large population but also their spending power. Every large business will comply with whatever the state wants just to have the privilege to sell in the sate. This may not be easy for many small business to comply but if your business starts to grow you will understand that selling in California is a must if you want to grow.


As the user ‘USAcases’ stated, most “large” business may comply with whatever California wants, but most third-party sellers on Amazon are “small” businesses. And most small-business owners specialize in niche markets and operate with limited resources (materials, human labor, etc.) due to less leverage than large corporations. For example, the US Post Office charges regional/zone pricing to ship goods, which makes shipping costs significantly more for East Coast companies shipping to California. Because Amazon doesn’t permit shipping charges to vary based on destiniation, it forces local customers to subsidize the cost of shipping to these states with higher expense. If an east-coast based small business could “block” California sales, then it could charge less to non-California customers, making the prices more competitive for those states in which its less expensive to conduct business. The reason gas-station prices are highest in California, is because the costs of doing business in California is higher than other states. Once again, small-business may gladly forego California’s “spending power” in lieu of the other 90% that has less burden to conduct business.


While I agree that this is an undue burden for small manufacturers,

There is no red tape for you at all. You simply don’t register your listings and then you aren’t selling the applicable items to California, just like you wanted.


Aww. Look at all of the sour folks complaining about California customers, whilst promoting your businesses on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn - all California-based corporations. You’re sure enjoying the consumer privacy protections we troublesome Californians have put out there for you, and the money our economy sends to your seller account from our millions of consumers. :wink: I’m sure blacklisting all California buyers sounds like fun, but go check out your seller reports and see how much of your income is coming from California buyers.

I highly recommend checking out Bill Maze’s proposal for how California should be split. It makes a lot more since than splitting California N/S. Too bad it didn’t gain momentum.


What is the “Ask Amazon Forum event?”


When (and, mayhaps, IF) it actually happens on 2022-11-17T05:00:00Z, it will appear in the list returned by this ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”) search query:

Provided, at least, that the proposed roll-out of the NSFE (‘Amazonese’ for “New Seller Forums Experience”) doesn’t preclude one from seeing it.


Related to that is free shipping. Since we are in a high inflation era, may be a 2 year moratorium on free shipping can help reduce some costs in the supply chain. We are in the mid-west but most of our purchasing is done from the west coast and comes to our warehouse, then goes to Amazon’s warehouses and then again back to West coast (a big chunk). Even most of our seller fulfilled orders go the West coast. If free shipping were to be eliminated, we could offer better pricing to the mid-west consumers and probably West coast consumers would buy more from sellers located on the west coast.


OR you could just open up a warehouse on the West Coast…


Thanks. I’m still not clear. What time and where do you go for this event? Is it just an event on the forum?


Although I don’t partake myself, I have to ask, what’s the difference between those young folks workiing in the cannabis bar and the young folks working in the sports bar other than their choice of drug (alcohol versus cannabis)?

Despite the stigma of cannabis, there are legitimate reasons people use it. My brother had 3/4 of his stomach removed due to cancer. He lost about 20% of his body weight and was in considerable pain. Cannabis edibles helped him put on weight by increasing appetite and helps with the pain instead of taking extremely addicting narcotics.

Just because it’s not your thing, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about it’s value to others.

Good Luck,



lol, the goal is for cannabis to be legally sold on Amazon to every state in the future


lol, when is Amazon going to catch up and allow us to turn off sales to California on items we choose?

It’s a rhetorical question, I already know they will never allow that because California would become an “Amazon desert” for 3rd party sales overnight.


you don’t get to dictate politics by withholding sales, that’s not how a democracy works genius