New Payments report page launched for deferred transactions


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new page in Seller Central that will make it easier to track payment reserve amounts at the individual order level. Starting September 20, the new Deferred transactions page will be live under Payment reports. The Deferred transactions page will list individual orders currently deferred, the corresponding amount(s), and the dates(s) when funds will become available for disbursement. If you receive invoiced orders, these will also appear on this page.

You will continue to see the total amount of funds held in reserve on your Statement view page, under the new “Deferred transactions” line item in your total balance. When funds are released for payment, the corresponding transactions will move to the Transaction view page. With the launch of deferred transactions, only transactions which have been disbursed will be included in the Settlement reports.

Note: If Delivery date reserve policies do not apply to you, you will not see any transactions on the Deferred transactions page.

For more information, go to What are deferred transactions.

What happened to the Transaction Summary report?
Amazon not paying

Why do you always indicate the news, but don’t add a direct link to the page you’re directing people?

With that said, I like this announcement, hopefully it’ll reduce the “I’ll sue Amazon for not paying me” threads


I like this change. It will clarify what has already been happening.

There has been a multi-tier system for evaluating sellers - for as long as I can remember. Some trusted sellers get paid on time. Newbies or older sellers with a track record of irregularities have their money held while Amazon waits to see if they complete the sale correctly.

Most of us here, I trust, are in the former group, so this won’t affect us. It will affect the others, and give them clarity on exactly what they need to do to improve.

As the OP notes, it will “…make it easier to track payment reserve amounts at the individual order level.…” ( bolding mine )

This should improve the behavior of certain sellers who drag down the reputation of all of us. For those who don’t improve, it makes it easier for Amazon to be sure that they are never going to improve, and to suspend them sooner.

Yep, I definitely like this one.


Great idea, less great implementation and/or explanation. I see 2K in invoiced orders and 8K in deferred orders on my Payments dashboard. Drilling down to the new page, I see that the deferred orders are all invoiced orders (as expected). But all invoiced orders are deferred. It appears the 2K number is in my “funds available now” pile … except those funds aren’t available now, they’re available when Amazon releases them, and that’s supposed to be 30 days post-invoice, which is different than the 7 day payout cycle for regular funds (the “payment release dates” for derferred payments are in fact not on 7 day cycles, so I don’t think this word “now” means what you think it means). I have no more clarity than I did earlier. I don’t have to do the math myself to verify that Amazon is paying out invoiced orders when promised (assuming I can trust these new dates) … but I also can’t sanity-check everything that Amazon might mess up, which seems the primary reason I might want this info.

All of this would be a non-issue if Amazon hadn’t gone ahead and let buyers invoice payments, a “feature” I did not request, but one I can “opt out of” by giving Amazon even more of my money. Why not just decide to hold all funds 180 days unless we pay the “vig” to the bag man … “you wouldn’t want something to happen to your pretty little funds, would you, ya mook?” Giving me more, colored graphs to see exactly how I’m being extorted doesn’t make me much happier.


Did Amazon (yet again) sneak in a change of policy under the cover of an ostensibly different but related announcement? IIRC, invoiced orders were promised to be paid by Amazon – EVEN IF THE CUSTOMER DID NOT MAKE PAYMENT – 30 days post-ship. The new help doc linked to above now says this: "These transactions will be released after the customer completes their invoice payment, which typically occurs within 30-45 days after the order date. "

A) Do customers somehow now have 45 days to make payments? In some cases? Which cases? Does “typically” mean “and can be even later than that”??

B) Is Amazon now threatening to not release funds on product we have paid for and shipped and delivered as promised, with deferred payments we did not request and can’t opt out of, until and unless the buyer pays their invoice?

C) Doesn’t the TOS specify a minimum time frame for Amazon to announce changes in policy? Does Amazon believe that burying this change in a new help doc counts as proper notice even without the time frame consideration?


While people with problems do get funds held that has nothing to do with it on “new” accounts. New in this case being almost a decade old now. They completely did away with same day payouts in mid 2012. Any accounts created since then are on one of two payout systems both of which keep your money regardless of your performance level.


I don’t remember it ever being different than what is currently says in the ToS. We have 45 day invoiced orders all the time.
“We may permit certain customers to place invoiced orders for Your Products, in which case remittance of Sales Proceeds may be delayed according to each customer’s invoicing terms. You will accept and fulfill invoiced orders in the same manner as you accept and fulfill non-invoiced orders, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.”
Where did you get the “30 days post-ship” information? I would like to know how customers have been getting 45 days in the past if you have something that stated 30 days.

Invoiced orders placed by Amazon Business customers are deferred while awaiting payment by the buyer. These transactions will be released after the customer completes their invoice payment, which typically occurs within 30-45 days after the order date. Note that these orders are also subject to delivery date policies, but in most cases, the invoice due date will be later than the reserve period.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a citation (aside from the back of my cranium), and there isn’t any change history or update date on any of the docs. But I recall 30 days originally, and doing some searches from times past, I find this:
The other alternative is to wait up to a maximum of 30 days+additional 7 days if the customer is late.
from here:

(where the “+” refers to the 7 day Amazon payment, not “>30d”).

Also various blog posts from that era, e.g.

With this feature, your payment for Pay by Invoice orders will be credited to the available balance of your Selling on Amazon account immediately after shipment for a processing charge of 1.5% of the invoiced order amount.

This is not worth doing unless you are desperate for cash and can’t wait 30 days to collect the payment from the business buyer.

None of this is definitive. I’d pay for a service where someone stores all diffs of all TOSes and help pages for major web sites, and possibly takes a close look at these changes to point out undisclosed (or deeply buried) but important changes. Of course, individual websites could be forthcoming with those changes … certainly, several respectable companies (such as PayPal) specifically keep a page of TOS updates and when changes should (have) apply(ied). Consider this a feature request we will never see implemented here, since it doesn’t help with Plausible Deniability.


You recall correctly.

There’s a reason why I archive EVERYTHING.


This is a welcome move.

Now can we have a better system for tracking reversed reimbursements when items are ‘found’ in your warehouse.

The current system of NOT explaning where the item came from, and then claiming a reversed reimbursement from some random ‘return’ that was never actually returned, that has NOTHING to do with the ‘found’ item, and that was CORRECTLY reimbursed, is unacceptable.

Due to this complete lack of traceablity you have even claimed a reversed reimbursement TWICE from a transaction that was only reimbursed once… And when I dared to question it my case was dismissed.



All wonderful. I’m so glad they are implementing another change but not correcting existing problems. Especially when you bring the same problem to their attention over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again. Amazon - you rock!!!


I really don’t like invoice payments and it’s been almost a year since I had one. It will take 2 months to get paid according to the “New Report” (Aug. 3rd to Oct. 2nd).

I was wondering why that amount stayed on the Seller Central balance after my disbursement. It won’t be released until after Oct 2nd. My Goodness, I thought it was some type of reserve for a return. :thinking: Amazon is good or explaining things AFTER the Fact or NOT at ALL!!!


this whole system is a problem.

we are not a wholesaler and you force us to give terms in a business we are not in.

you will give us our money early on terms we do not want to participate in for a 1.5% fee

This is a perfect example of anti-competetive monopolistic behavior of Amazon.


This is for the newbies. How about something important. Like we are fixing the Catalog. Or how about we are fixing the Catalog. Or something really helpful like fixing the Catalog.


Thanks so much for that, @Dogtamer.

Does Amazon have a requirement to disclose changes to terms (and did I dream that that announcement also requires 30 days of lead time?), or does the TOS have some narrow reading which translates into: if we changed it anywhere on the website – even if it contradicts something else we haven’t updated yet – then you are responsible for finding the change, and agree to be bound by the change?

[IANAL, but these kinds of legal shenanigans only seemed to arrive with the digital age, and really need more challenges in court. As demonstrated by the EULA where you agree to give your soul to the software vendor, etc.]


AMEN…in regards to the CATALOG. It is so messed up. Especially the SEARCH… I can go to google and the item I searched for will pop to the top. Amazon will give you items that don’t match your search. I can’t even list media items on Amazon anymore because they require sections that should not be required for a dvd like color or part number. How MESSED up is that?


In closing, I just want to point out that we have demonstrated that these are falsehoods, and Amazon has made no attempt to address these falsehoods:

The length of your payment cycle remains unchanged.

Buried in this announcement is a change from the original net terms for invoiced orders – never disclosed in any announcement – from net 30 to “net 45 or longer”. This change may have been made prior to this announcement (hard to tell if you never announce the change) but it is the first indication of a silent change of terms, violating the TOS.

if you are paid every 14 days, both Standard order and Invoiced order payments will be processed every 14 days.

This cannot be true if there are no changes. Invoiced orders should be paid when the customer pays (per the screen linked on this announcement, even), and our invoiced vs. standard payments arrive asynchronously (always have: invoiced payments come in once per order, standard once per week).

Who, BTW, gets paid every 14 days? Is this setting us up to have Amazon withhold even more money longer, while they wait for an excuse to simply seize it? We get paid every 7 days.

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