Launch of SAFE-T Communication Center on Seller Central


On July 15, 2021, we’ll launch the SAFE-T Communication Center on Seller Central. This new center will be the single point of contact for all SAFE-T claim-related communication. You’ll no longer need to respond using email or search your inbox for any SAFE-T claim-related communication.

When the new center launches, you can visit the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page on Seller Central, where each claim will have a communication tab or a view message option that lets you check correspondence on that claim. You’ll be able to upload attachments from the same tab, as well as appeal resolved claims directly in the communication center.


Great! Now can we do something about legitimate safe-t claims being denied? I’m sure everyone can agree that is a much bigger issue than locating communications with the safe-t claim team.


It did say “appeal resolved claims”

There are levels of service and appeals fall under #3-4. #5 is a unicorn but can occasionally be summoned on the forums or through great luck.

  1. General Algorithms make sweeping changes
  2. Specific BOTS address specific issues
  3. Entry-Level support judges based on one sentence or key words
  4. Middle support reads whole sentences and writes them too
  5. Actual helpful support that understands and replies with thoughtful deliberation


Great so when will Safe-T Claims cover outbound shipping for buyer faulted returns and RFS?


This is great and all but are you actually going to have trained people to address claims & concerns. I’m sure the answer is no which makes this center useless in the grand scheme of things.


Nothing says things are out of hand more than needing a revamped command center for Sate-T Claims, you know that process where we have to spend hours upon hours trying to recover our hard earned dollars after Amazon’s system, people or policy screwed us over. Guilty until we prove ourselves innocent. Yay us.


As predicted, this is the inevitable result of Amazon being harassed by the feds over price fixing:

This is one of many anti-fraud efforts. Some are visible, some not. Some are happening now, some will be in the near future.
I won’t say that a centralized Safe-T site will directly improve our win/loss ratio when dealing with scammers, but putting it all in one silo will allow Amazon to track and remove scammers more effectively.
In the long run, this means fewer scammers, which should be good for us.


Since there is no mention of any changes to how the requests will be handled on the back end, I would say this is another cost cutting measure to move the time required to input Safe-T claims from Amazon support reps to the Sellers. Also completely removes the requirement for support reps to format and send emails. With the volume, this is probably a significant cost reduction.

Can’t wait to see what THIS data entry screen looks like!


The best return is the return that wasn’t necessary in the first place.
Therefore, the best SAFE-T Claim is the one that isn’t filed because it isn’t necessary.

@Amazon_News - make it easier to correct obvious, critical errors in your catalog so that more returns don’t happen in the first place!

My Amazon return rate is 6x higher than my eBay return rate. The difference? Control over product page details.

Fix your catalog -> reduce returns -> delight both buyers and sellers.

Oh, and stop refunding outbound shipping charges in buyer fault scenarios when you don’t even do so on your own Amazon-to-consumer sales.


I’d rather see Amazon fix the issue of the overzealous high price deactivation bots.


So we have more Direct Communication with the Bot system that ignores and Denys… Wow thats helpful Amz!. NOT>


I can’t even use a example like that because for the past 2 years my return rate on my other venues is 0.

Most of the time the return reason for Amazon “i don’t like it but I need to find a reason for return”


Nope, now they can deny you without sending an email :joy:


The link is cleverly placed in the clutter at the bottom of the page. So, on most screens, be sure to scroll down to find it.


To improve your sailing experience, we have arranged all the deck chairs on the Titanic under one awning.

You’re welcome.


Is it just me but over the past few days have all the scammers come out demanding immediate refunds and filing A to Z Claims when their package was mailed only 1-days before, and they made no cancel requests? We have not had even 1 of these scams since the beginning of May. Now 3 in the last 2 days.


I don’t think support reps format emails. They probably pull the “canned text” up, add an order number and hit “send.” The system puts the rep’s signature at the bottom based on their login ID.


Right? Meanwhile I legitimately did not receive an item I ordered and I contacted Amazon (FBA item) and they said “we will have to send this for review and investigation”… Really?


They likely don’t even have to do that. Most likely their auto response use the placeholder options like we can use for messaging " [BUYER_NAME] " " [ORDER_ID] ", etc


But now we’ll be able to better access and see all the denied claims.