Huge increase in Product Compliance Requests today? Keeps increasing....!


We are a very large seller and were down to 88 PCR’s this morning.

Then a few hours ago the number started to grow… not only that, it keeps growing by the minute. If we reload the page, there are more requests.

We are now up to 253 and counting.

Is anyone having a similar issue?

Not only that, you cannot sort the page at all – it’s completely out of order (it’s not even by date). If you have multiple SKUs on an ASIN, it counts multiple times and shows up in different places on the list.

Anyone having these issues??


Product compliance request- Funkos
Product Safety Notification. received 703 claims for Beanie Babies
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Product Compliance Requests
Product Compliance Request
Amazon Just killed a ton of Toy Listings
Account health issues

Yes, I am having the same issue.


Yes, I got 263 requests out of about 1,100 active skus. This makes no sense. I had Funko Ghotbusters Slimer Plush on the list last year. Funko does not carry the documents for discontinued products. so I deleted the item. I saw that it is still active on amazon. Is amazon trying to get out of the toy category?


I also had some Aurora plush on the list. I did everything right and requested documents from Aurora. I supplied those documents and it got denied. So even when providing the documents from the manufacturer it gets denied.


1 hour later – now at 323 (roughly +75 in an hour)


Lol, I am at 387 now.


From those of you that have received it are they all plush or an assortment of items, I am getting them for Plush and Coloring books sold separately ( not with a plush)


All of mine are Collectible board games.


I have 88 plush requests mostly ty for lab certification. I would think that Ty certified their products? I also had 3 removed for trademark violation


Yes. I have been getting notices for a couple of weeks. My appeals have been denied and some listings have been removed.


I just received three product compliance requests, but when I click on screen to view them absolutely nothing comes up. How am I to rectify these when I can’t even view them? Help!!!


mine have all been plush


Yes, I have received it as well. This is my first complaint so not sure how to take action. Can someone suggest what kind of document they need in appeal?


Can you at least view your complaint?


and if so how did you view it?


We sell a wide variety of products – so they are coming from many different types of products.

We are up to 368 now.


I just see my Listing and next action. But in my e-mail, I can email address of rightful owner. Not sure what is the best approach with this issue.


How are you going to respond to those complain? What kind of document are you going to provide?


We started with 600 back in October had them down to 50 this morning and now back up to 423


how did you get them down to 50? Was it by deleting the item or did you send in documents and get them approved to sell? I sent in documents I got from Aurora and others and got denied so I figured they seem to want to clean up their catalog and reduce a bunch of skus so just decided to delete all mine. I had 128 in October and got it down to 3 and now its back up to 387.