Free returns on Fashion items for seller-fulfilled orders


Effective October 26, 2021, all seller-fulfilled offers on Fashion items will feature a free return message and Selling Partners will no longer be able to deduct the return shipping fee for Fashion items listed under Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, and Watches in the US.

We believe in listening to our customers’ feedback and responding with actions that focus on improving their buying experience every time they shop or return an item in our stores. Amazon Fashion customers are not fully satisfied with the current return experience of seller-fulfilled orders. For Amazon-fulfilled orders of Fashion items, we already offer free returns and customers expect the same return experience for seller-fulfilled orders.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our Return Policies already require Selling Partners to have return policies that are at least as favorable as the Amazon return policies.

For more information, see Free returns of Fashion items for seller–fulfilled orders.

Who is responsible for the return shipping cost
Dear Amazon,
Charging for Return Label Buyer Faulted
Clothing Exchanges
Why isn't RFS applied uniformly?
Needs some advice
Free Returns
Bought by mistake ,no longer need it and first scan refunds
Amazon RFS issue
Upset Customer over Returns Policy

Guess our prices are going up… again…



Give it time…just replace Fashion with whatever you do sell. “The Same Return Experience” is coming for us all.


If they didn’t charge us for return shipping, that would be better. Sadly now with the super long “holiday returns”, this new rule stinks too.


I even thought this ^^^ to myself as I was typing.

Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.
–John Donne


So, who is going to pay the return shipping fees? Amazon?
“Amazon Fashion customers are not fully satisfied with the current return experience of seller-fulfilled orders.” ??? Who care the seller’s experience if Amazon ask seller to responsible for return shipping fees?


Yes I also hear the Bell Tolling.
Maybe for all of us
yet we are not to know
until it is time
ETA: fashion has such high return rates normally, I hate to think of the new Q4 experience.


Knock, Knock, Knock, Hellooo… Anyone hearing the final bell ringing for seller fulfilled merchants starting to ring yet?

Amazon is actively trying to knock out seller fulfilled merchants, one cut at a time. My guess, within the year it will be ALL categories requiring free returns.


All products listed under Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, and Watches are considered for the purpose of this policy.


I don’t hear that. I mean seriously, if they wanted that all that they have to say is “goodbye”.

Pretty clear. Amazon will charge the sellers. :rage:


I literally laughed out loud when I read this.


Better changing Free shipping to charge customer for shipping then. So that it they return it the money that we can refund is for the product only.


The plan to remove FBM slowly churning its wheels!


Then your listings will be suppressed with a “high price error”. :persevere:


Every B&M store should just turn to other marketplaces like Doordash. Of course that only works for local, but still cheaper fees, better delivery times for customers.


Yet with inventory caps and the nightmare they created the last couple of years, their own FCs cant even compete in the market.


I offer free shipping, so I’ve had to eat return shipping for a long time. It didn’t put me out of business. It just required me to shift my business model a little.

I will admit that I can’t imagine the challenges of selling clothing on Amazon. Anyone who successfully sells clothing on Amazon is tougher than I am…




:thinking: This is going to bankrupt a lot of fashion third party considering their return rate is ludicrously higher than any other category on Amazon.


I think this is a great move from a customer service perspective. We need to remember we are competing with Walmart and Target who will literally accept returns for items that weren’t even bought from their store!

That said, I wish Amazon would work with sellers on managing return costs. It’s easy to say “increase your price” but we still need to remember we are competing with Walmart and Target.

A T-shirt on Amazon with manufacturing cost of $3; fulfillment costs of $3.60; a $2.4 margin and resulting commission of $1.5 is running the customer $10.50 (forget advertising for now)- a comparable shirt is available at Walmart for $5.

Returns are killer because of the return shipping costs (return fees if FBA) and the likelihood that the inventory needs to be disposed of. We are already getting beat by Walmart on price so raising prices further seems dangerous at this point.


Walmart and Target are b&m businesses with an online option and only a tiiiny portion of total ecomm, compared to Amazon’s fully-online business.

And the vast majority of those returns are submitted in person, unlike Amazon.

And while they might accept the return, customers might get cash back, credit back, or store credit, while Amazon 3Ps can only provide credit back, not store-specific or even Amazon-specific gift cards.

The “Walmart and Target” comparison has too many holes to be reasonably applied for this situation. Even from the consumer side, these things are NOT the same.