COVID-19: Waiver of May 15 US long-term storage fee


We thank you for your patience as we’ve made adjustments in our facilities to protect our employees and fulfill the highest priority products that customers need. To ensure we have capacity to receive, restock, and ship your products to customers, we continue to have delays in removal operations. As a result, we are waiving the May 15 long-term storage fees. You can continue to create removal orders, but there will be delays in completing the requests. Similarly, auto-removals will be delayed.

In addition to the 100,000 jobs we recently filled, we hired an additional 75,000 employees to bring your products into our facilities; pick, pack and ship products; and help us process these removal orders. You can learn more on this help page. Please note that Amazon, including Selling Partner Support, does not have further guidance. We hope you, your family, and your employees are safe and healthy. Thank you for participating in FBA.


Good job Amazon

You’ve handled the pandemic better than most and on a Huge scale


Another thing that benefits sellers? Have I died and gone to heaven! Haha.
But seriously though, the little things like this helps. Stay safe everyone.


When will we be able to sell “non-essential” items again?


This is good to hear.
I only wish that the 84 items that I recalled on March 14th would either be returned to me or released back into my inventory. Some of these items are the only stock I have of an ASIN.


This is good news. Hope that more ASIN are eligible for shipment creation in the later of May.


hello, when new sellers will be able to send their stock to Amazon? thank you


Could you ask your new employees not to damage inventory and ship it out to customers. I have had an inrush of complaints about condition of product described as mishandling in the warehouses. Could you also let your guys in seller support that its not appropriate to copy paste responses to cases that truly need resolving?


Can’t you go in and cancel these requests?


Thank you for good news.
My product is germanium product, but it is a product that has received far-infrared ray test and patent in Korea, and it is a good product that has no problem even if it is sold in Korea, such as Naver, G-Market, Coupang, etc. Please allow me to sell what I have banned.


Nice gesture