COVID-19: Update on products eligible for shipment creation (US)


Beginning April 18, 2020, more products are eligible for shipment creation. We continue to focus on ensuring our ability to fulfill the highest priority products that customers need at this time. While a broader set of products can now be sent to our fulfillment centers, we are limiting the quantity you can send for some of these products.

You can see products that are eligible for shipment creation in the Restock Inventory page and the Restock report. Products that are eligible and have quantity limits will be marked with a Limited restock tag.

Please note that Amazon, including our Selling Partner Support team, does not have additional information, and we are currently not accepting requests for higher quantity limits. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Help page.

We are working hard to restore regular operations, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


More products can now to be shipped to our warehouses where they will be promptly processed and then lost or stolen.


I cant ship in items that are low stock but have limited restock.



Zero stock, limit shows 100 and still can’t
create a shipment… Something is wrong!


50 units level, 17 units available, still can’t creat a shipment. This is crazy!!!
It’s impossible to do the business on Amazon now.


I would suggest opening cases if the report shows you can send a quantity but they system is not allowing it.


Not sure why I would send in a new shipment when all my FBA stock is showing ship dates of 30 days from now. How about lessening that timeframe?


0 Stock. Maximum level: 50 units. But stil I can not create any shipment.


I recommend that people check from the customer perspective, your listings. Check and see what the FBA advertised transit time is. I just checked and its showing prime delivery of May 11th for my items. While I am happy I can ship to FBA again, I am not going to send them more of my items to have them advertise a 3-4 week delivery time frame. I will keep them and do merchant fulfilled. I advise whoever is capable of keeping their inventory, do so. But definitely check what amazon is advertising your items that are already at FBA so you can gauge when its an appropriate time to actually send your items back to them. Dont miss out on sales. If you can fulfill it yourself and get them to customers quicker, then do that. Just wanted to share.


FBA delivery dates are 30 days out! Why do I want to send anything into the abyss where it won’t get shipped out to customers on time? I still see listings favoring FBM over FBA, even at higher FBM prices.


I tried switching a bunch of my bestsellers to FBM but got very few sales. It wasn’t worth going to the post office (can’t have pickups done here) for an order or two a week. So I switched them back to FBA and I’m putting up with the 30-day ship times. My search rankings have plummeted. Looks like my Handmade shop is toast now and I wonder if it will ever recuperate. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.


Instead of allow more shipments, You should better improve the check-in processing… having 35 boxes sitting at CLT2 right now. Sales are down 70% because of this…


Fantastic news. !!! I love you Amazon


try less & less until it works


I have 216 pending orders for a single product just right now. Customer needs to wait more than 20-30 days to get items.


There’s a glitch in the Inbound Shipment Creation process. We have multiple products with Limited Restock that have capacity and eligible to send in more inventory, but when I try to create a shipment, there’s no field to enter units, and even though we can send over 1000 or more, based on restock eligibility, I can’t even enter 1 unit to send in Inbound Shipment creation.

We only have stock for 4-5 days with the increased demand, and this is an obvious glitch when the update was implemented.

Already have cases with Seller Support, but seems to be a system-wide issue as other sellers are experiencing it according to the support team.


we have 4900 pending orders as of today…


Yes, same here (not as many orders but same issue). What good is it going to do to open up the FC’s for inbound shipments when you can’t get sold products out the door? Amazon collecting storage fees while sales are pending doesn’t really benefit sellers. We need help getting sold items out to the customers which is how we get paid.

FBA Inbound new bot... COVID19_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

It’s not all going to be 30 day time frame.


I had this issue few hours sgo, but looks like it’s fixed now. Try to ship within the limits, should work now. Good luck.