Announcement - forum link moved


We heard you. The widget will be restored. Susan

The link to forums from Seller Central has moved from the homepage to help, found through a click on “help” and a scroll down the page.

Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central
Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance
Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central
How to add widget
What happened to the Forums widget on the Dashboard
Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central
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But Why the change? Why don’t make it optional that every single seller can customize the info, inputs, boxes we prefer to see logging into our account?


That’s funny! I was just on my main page and was wondering what happened to the forum, so I did a search to find it and the first post was from Amazon, Forum moved. For what its worth, I liked having the Forum on the main page.


Same here, but I think it is a glitch & not a policy change.


Why, though?


:+1: Thanks for letting us know, @SEAmod-- I’m sure we’d all be looking for it or reporting the “error”, so you saved us some time and trouble for sure!

…although, like @RamFan,

:woman_shrugging: Oh well. I’m going to take my own advice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@SEAmod Thanks for letting us know that it is not just a glitch. And pinning it.


WHY? The homepage is already so messed up right now with the “upgrades” they have done!


And you know in every seller support survey, we all answer “the forums is where I get the best help”

So… let’s hide them! (no that is the wrong answer)


Can we at least have a link to it in one of the ugly boxes?

If we must have ugly boxes, can’t one of them at least be relevant?


Announcement - forum link moved

I think the correct wording would be:

Announcement - forum link REmoved

No one who is not already familiar with it will ever find it.

And that leads me (in my eternal state of skepticism when it comes to Amazon “motives”) to the opinion that there has probably been an overload of Amazon-negative commentary on the forums lately, making this action a form of…control, shall we say.


No one who is not already familiar with it will ever find it.

Some of us who are here every day will struggle too. :angry:

I had to get here by opening “Help” (which I hate, BTW, d#mn stupid pop-up boxes), clicking a topic I didn’t care about, finding the link that that said no, this didn’t answer my question, get more help in the Seller Forum and eventually landing here.

What kind of brain dead fool thought this was a good idea??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


found through an UNNECESSARY click on “help” and a POINTLESS AND TIME WASTING scroll down the page.

What a fuster cluck of an idea this was! Since you took our “No” button away, I’ll have to make do with this.


Will Amazon offer any actual protection for sellers?

They continue to cripple the dashboard. It becomes less and less helpful and for no apparent reason. It was helpful to have pressing issues right there. There are topics that I would have missed, and reassurances that I wasn’t alone in some issues without it. As much as they like to say that they listen to sellers, and want us to fill out surveys to confirm that “Amazon genuinely cares about the success of my business”, they continue to prove that they do not. They continue to remove functionality that makes things easy for us, but might result in more cases being opened and there fore is less easy for them. These actions are 100% for Amazon’s benefit. Not ours. It’s disheartening, but seems to be par for the course.


same here!


Seems like Amazon is hiding the forums from sellers who will never find it again. Perhaps Amazon doesn’t want sellers to find the forums unless they actually need help.

One reason for moving the forum link could be because top topics of the day have become over heated lately and Amazon is suppressing attention to the forum topics on the Seller Central main page.

I like having the current popular thread titles because it’s easier to find the seller community discussions just by clicking on one of two topics or the link to the forums directly.

Perhaps this is a way to slowly kill the forums altogether.


The new Seller Forums link is located in the obscure Help link on the top of Seller Central in very small print, then the “Launch Seller Forums” link is on the very very bottom of the Help page where it is necessary to scroll down in order to even notice it at all.

There are no topics of the day to draw any kind of interest or invitation for seller discussion. This seems like the end of the seller forums, more like an impending death roll.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there is some bad news on the horizon for sellers, many more links to help topics, much less discussion required, making it almost impossible for sellers to communicate their issues with each other.

I had to create a bookmark to find the forums easily.


This is the attitude of the Amazon top manager who gloated to the press media in the last year that “you have to kiss the ring” (kiss the ring of the pope or king as someone under someone else with more power and control than the person begging for the recognition and approval from person with ring that needs to be kissed) for a seller to seller on Amazon, always keep them on their toes for fear of annihilation of their seller account and good feedback ranking status. Being bullied for the sake of it gets old, but somehow top staff decision makers at Amazon truly believe trying to push the buttons and set up alarming actions against the sellers each new day or weak will build us to be better or more efficient or more loyal??? Trust and loyalty is not an attribute that Amazon feels has any merit with the way they treat and view the sellers. Being thrown off and confused or frustrated is not a good way to have a more productive or successful seller here. Maybe the truth is that the people at the very top who make the final decisions think bulling the sellers is fun and gives them power over someone else. Maybe no matter how rich and famous and powerful they get, they still feel empty and bored and unsatisfied inside and feel the need to go pick on someone else and get someone else upset for their own pleasure. Bullying picking on others to feel superior or intimidating to someone else who feels powerless scared and intimidated because of you as a company business model is not a healthy way to run a business, even the most successful business in America today that probably is right now Amazon. It’s not that Amazon is not paying any attention or that they do not care what happens, they really enjoy the anxiety and constant worry and discomfort and frustration they cause to all the sellers as a total power trip thrilling high they can get. It never stops this constant changes and limitations to changes we all adapt to and lose power to be successful as sellers where each week it is a new change that affects us negatively. I like this job of selling media items. I work very hard at it everyday. It seems that well, the very top staff decision makers of this company are constantly trying to make it not fun and for you to get upset or frustrated or powerless and maybe feel miserable over something that they came up with and limited your selling ability. Such as emails to buyers. If I need to email the buyer about an order problem like condition issue with a book they bought, or that item comes with a signature confirmation that took most of the email contact options away in the last two months from sellers to contact the buyers. They brought back some of the email contact options again, but they will take it away eventually once again. It is not about keeping you on your feet and nose to the grindstone hard at work and not slacking off. It does not help the sellers, and it does not help the buyers to not have access to the seller informing them of the signature confirmation with package. We all adapt to the constant changes Amazon randomly makes at whim. But as long as the top staff enjoys knowing that they are causing the stress and extra unneeded unwarranted burden the sellers struggle with, it will just keep continuing. It is not about being a better business. It is really about the most powerful man in the world of business and top staff of most powerful company in the entire world not feeling fulfilled but empty and needing conflict to feel better from having power over others having power taken away from them. The top staff does not actually really know me, or you, but they must feel a satisfaction to make selling difficult in added new ways all the time from afar. Having the seller forum removed is like a boss business owner taking away the break room or office kitchen or office lobby away from the staff when they the workers had such a room option to contact and connect to each other before. Taking away for no good reason the seller forum from the sellers to have visible known access to find and see on the home page by removing it off hiding it is taunting toying with us. Nobody likes it.


Amazon always has a good reason for what they do. You are correct that no one likes this idea so far. But Amazon probably doesn’t intend to taunt and toy with sellers. It’s probably more a matter of benign neglect motivated by Amazon’s efforts to maintain the appearance of good public relations. Suppressing sellers from voicing their dissatisfaction is just an end result.

Amazon likely doesn’t enjoy hurting sellers, they mostly seem to apologize while throwing their sellers under the bus. That’s how Amazon makes money. Amazon didn’t get to be number one by showing kindness and generosity to their sellers or workers. Every now and then Amazon puts on the appearance of caring while still protecting their bottom line.