I am Begging Amazon


… please rescind this change at least until the national emergency has subsided.

I realize it is a good time for Amazon because sellers are otherwise preoccupied, but it just adds an additional burden in running our business right now.

I know Amazon reads these posts because James_Amazon has already deleted one of my threads. Could someone at least respond in a news update, even if it is “no” but with a reason.


What change do you want rescinded? Just because there are Mods deleting posts…doesn’t mean they have any say in anything.


They are doing what is best for the healthy and safety of the US people and economy

They will not be rescinding this


Changes are coming hot & heavy as of late, so I’m not sure of which one you’re speaking of, my friend.

May I ask if you are speaking of the hiatus imposed for most ‘non-essential’ FBA Inbound Shipments?


Sorry, I realize there are other changes affecting many other sellers.

I was referring to the changes in the Seller Central Page Layout, piggybacking on the most responded to topic on this forum.


Jeepers, @Nospin. :woman_facepalming:

Yes, the change is annoying, but please don’t use up any of Amazon’s 3P Seller goodwill on that issue right now. There are much bigger issues that actually affect Sellers’ businesses. The Seller Central layout is an inconvenience but not disadvantage, and it does not reduce sales.

Put a pause in this, please.

Announcement - forum link moved

Gotcha, it is just so freaking annoying. I’m done. Thanks!


really, you can’t handle a little layout change? :roll_eyes:


The Seller Central layout is an inconvenience but not disadvantage, and it does not reduce sales .

We don’t actually know this, do we? :wink: Maybe my sales slump (the one before the coronavirus one) is tied into the new annoying format of the home page. Hmm… conspiracy theory time. :grin:


Nope, I can’t handle a little layout change. Time is money and the change causes me extra steps.


Kvetch all you want in here – that’s one of the forum functions.

But as said above – there are far more important issues right now.


Compared to some of the other sellers on here…if that’s your issue, you are fine.


How is this change affecting your workflow? Can’t you just ignore it?


If that is your biggest problem, perhaps you are in the wrong business.


So if time is money why on the world would you open a thread or two about this and waste more time. Someone is being counter productive with their time and the Irony is beyond reproach.


I think that you have it all wrong - Amazon is doing its best to help itself and its bottom line.


So where did the box for Checking Messages Go? This is kind of a really big deal. We have to respond to them very quickly and it is gone. Now have to look for some little word hiding in the upper right corner and jump some clicks. To see if there are or aren’t any there. That should come back somewhere on the page.


What kind of brother starts a post about “please rescind this change” without any indication about what change my man is referring to? Is this the same world I started out in, or did someone move me during my sleep to another similar planet that looked the same but lacked common sense, as a bad joke on me?


join the club


It’s at the very top. It’ll have Open Orders, 7 Day Sales, then Buyer Messages.Also if you have any messages, it’ll show up where the new boxes for inventory management and price suggestions are.