Amazon sending fake products to customers of our product


First of all, we only sell genuine products sourced from the official distribution channels. When we sent our products to Amazon, we checked all of them for quality assurance. A couple of days ago, one of the buyers of our product initiated the return process and accused us of sending them a fake Chinese made product when in fact we only sent to Amazon our genuine Korean made products. They also posted a negative review accusing us of selling a fake product.

We are suspecting that one of the sellers of the same product is sending Amazon a fake product for fulfillment and that fake product is being commingled with other genuine products.

We have already alerted Amazon via Report Abuse section, but is there anything else we need to do? And once Amazon investigates this issue (hopefully they do), will they remove the negative review by the customer?

Product in question:


There are nine sellers on that listing. If you did not use FNSKU labels, your product is mixed with theirs.

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