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Recently I found a massage gun on discord that had a discount code making it $0 with free shipping. The seller is PPAP and the code allows you to order an infinite number of massage guns for free. I tried one and it has not shipped yet, but I noticed the seller is a new seller from China and that this massage gun is the “#1 best seller” rank and over priced. I’m guessing real customers pay full price seeing that it is the #1 best seller and they trust social proof. Anyone can make a burner account for this behavior, but my question is how is this deceptive behavior dealt with in Amazon’s policy given that the burner account can be banned with no consequence to the main account fulfilling orders of this massage gun. This can be done a limited number of times before customers completely discredit reviews and social proof rankings on Amazons website. Do most customers already discount Amazons social proof rankings?


You bring up a good point. It’s something that Amazon was handling by suspending the asin, but some groups started crying that Amazon shouldn’t do that and “work with us.”

So who knows now. BTW the group that was pleading for Amazon to “work with us” has its issues and some of those people are currently under a federal indictment.


:flushed: Definitely a good point! Use a burner Seller account to do the dirty work–on an ASIN shared with the legitimate Seller account–to manipulate reviews and sales ranks, hoping to make a ton of money with the legitimate account before Amazon links the two.

And this is why Amazon suspends entire ASINs, rather than just certain Sellers’ offers or accounts. :exploding_head:

I’ll delete this, if I’ve said too much.

:expressionless: Well, that’s #sus as all get out.

Guessing it’s related to this: ⚠️ [CNBC] DOJ charges six people in scheme to bribe Amazon employees.


Reported even after baiting them for more information, but no one knows who the sellers actually are, unless you go along with this scam and follow the directions.

Goes along with this email:


At the risk of repeating myself, these are not individual sellers, but rather manufacturers, who are creating hundreds of these throw-away accounts and giving away free crap (and it is all crap), specifically for the purpose you state:

Only a manufacturer can afford to do this.

Look at my previous post

Show me an individual seller who can afford this kind of giveaway on so many different types of products.


They don’t ship the item that was purchased for $0, only the item sold at full price. The item sale for $0 may or may not count as a transaction depending on how Amazon counts sales towards sales rank. It may be a coincience that the free giveway is also a best seller. But it’s possible that the sale for $0 even though it is never fulfilled, still counts as a +1 sales data increasing the sales rank to #1 so that more customers will buy it for real because it has social proof. It’s unlikely that they would give away anything for nothing in return.


Are you kidding?!

Of course the $0 items are shipped. Part of the deal is to take photos and post a review.
How many people do you think will let a seller launder money through their accounts, which is essentially what you are saying, occurs?

In the above scam that I posted, the “buyer” has to choose two items, totaling at least $50 and up to $200.

Orders are shipped through FBA, not FBM. There is no way around not shipping the items, once purchased with the seller’s credit card or a reimbursement through PayPal.


Hi. I’m not sure what you mean. Launder money? No money is exchanged.

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