What are the sales requirements for Buy Box Eligibility?


According to the Amazon article “Becoming Buy Box Eligible”, a seller must meet the following 3 conditions to be Buy Box Eligible: Type of selling account must be professional, metrics for late shipment, cancellation, etc. must be healthy, and the seller must have a sufficient order volume. Since I have fulfilled the first 2 conditions, it’s obviously the 3rd that I have not fulfilled because I have not won the Buy Box on several listings where I have the lowest price and there are no other Prime sellers. On one of the products, I am the only seller and I still haven’t won the Buy Box.

Does anyone know or have an estimate of what the required “order volume” is? Or, do you know about how many orders you had when you first started winning the buy box?


They selectively omit the real issues. An extremely high number of sellers do meet those 3 criteria yet have no “BUY BOX”.


Becoming Buy Box eligible and getting the Buy Box are not the same thing. Plus you may share the BB with other sellers so you may not happen to have it when you check the listing. Look in your Business Reports - Detail Page Sales and Traffic and you can see the percent of time you have the BB for each item.

Other things that can effect BB are whether you are selling FBA or FBM, and the quantity of inventory you have in stock. Amazon’s exact formula for gaining the BB is secret.


If you new do fba the quick way to get buy box


You need to sell for at least 3 months in order to be able get the Buy Box.

I recently opened a new seller account on Amazon Japan so I can tell you that I got it after 4 months and I only processed 1 sale! So the order volume isn’t important.


My first sale was late June and I just got the BB eligibility last week. I had 170 orders and no returns as of yet. I’m not sure what triggered it because I only have 2 feedback reviews.


To further complicate the situation, Buy Box eligibility is on a category basis and the criteria for different categories differ.

Some fine sellers never qualify in some crowded, competitive categories


I have 0% BB for every product, which leads me to believe that I’m not BB eligible. All of my products are FBM right now, but I’m planning on using FBA soon. My normal inventory amount is between 20 and 60.


No guessing is needed on whether you are eligible. Just display the BB eligibility field on manage inventory


There is a Buy Box eligible column you can activate in your Inventory Page.

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