Update on price gouging


As you know, Amazon’s Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy protects our customers from unfair, excessive, and misleading prices. Our price gouging prevention systems attempt to account for variations in local laws while also providing customers a consistent experience across our stores. We also take increases in the cost of goods, freight, and labor into consideration, and that’s particularly true in light of COVID-19. We have and will continue to adjust our price gouging thresholds to reflect these dynamics.

If you believe you are offering a fair price for a product that has been suppressed by our price gouging prevention systems, please go to Manage Inventory and re-activate your listings by clicking on Edit and then click the button Save and Finish.

If your listing remains inactive after following the steps above, you may need to update your price by going to the Fix Price Alert page, or you can appeal our decision through the Account Health Dashboard.

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Thank you again, Amazon!

This solution will help many 3P Sellers, especially if they have NOT raised a price on a non-essential item, but have been flagged.


Your price gouging/pricing health bots do not consider our product cost. One seller offers at a loss to clear out inventory and the rest of us are expected to follow suit


nope, ridiculous at this point, i just got 4 violations, literally the same prices as always, and worse we were always the lowest price…and the higher price seller still on them selling with clearly no issues hahahahah unreal…good job amz


HOW, EXACTLY DO WE DO THIS? I have a NUMBER of ASIN’S I need to appeal and I cannot find anywhere on the Account Health Dashboard to APPEAL Price Issues.

If I am missing it, PLEASE elaborate as to where it is.

If not, PLEASE ADD an “APPEAL PRICE ALERTS” to the page (or SOmewhere that we can find it).





I have submitted appeals for a few flagged products on April 1 and did not receive any responses from Amazon as of today (April 10). The items are still blocked. The prices of these items haven’t changed for the past 2 years and some prices are even lower than what it was before.


Thank you, but you misunderstood.

I am very aware of how the set the min and max to “Fix” price alerts, but the 'bots are STILL misidentifying certain ASINs and I wish to “appeal our decision” as they refer to.

I find nowhere on the price alerts page to APPEAL the 'bots decision.





I don’t think Amazon should have the power to determine if a sellers price it to high…

Its called supply and demand. If a seller whats to list product X for $$$ and there’s a buyer who wants to pay $$$ for product X…Whats the problem?

This is the same concept as a new car selling for $30,000 above MSRP. Is it fair? no…But the consumer still pays it because they want it bad enough. Whats the difference?


Dear zms,

Please elaborate, WHERE (exactly) did you “Submit an appeal”? I need to do the same.



*A lot of us have lowered our prices to the point where we are making pennies or even losing money and our appeals are still not being accepted, RIDICULOUS!


About a month ago, amazon’s automated system flagged 11 of our listings for ‘price gouging.’ Of course, these were not actually price gouging, amazon doesn’t know what we paid for the items or any other relevant facts. We appealed most of them, amazon didn’t bother replying at all. Just recently, we get a letter from our state’s attorney general, and guess what, amazon sent a list of all sales transactions of those 11 ASINs to our attorney general! Now we are being threatened by the AG and have to deal with this nightmare. I was totally shocked that amazon would just throw a long time seller under the bus. They truly do not care about any seller. No matter how much in fees you give amazon, they could care less about you. We are now in the process of shutting down our amazon sales for good, and we’ve been on amazon since 2000 when there were only amazon auctions, third party selling didn’t even exist. They are evil. We’ll sell elsewhere.


OMG THANK YOU! Now? Amazon’s bots have decided to lower the prices CONSIDERABLY then what we have had the price for since November, 2019. Now? Since Amazon decided today to win back their Buy Box? I have customers demanding a refund, wanting to return the items that are en route to them and of course, Amazon Seller Support cannot help me!


I’m so angry. It’s a holiday weekend and Amazon decided once again to mess with its sellers.

Only company not willing to help out small businesses during the pandemic neither. Do you think they will lower their commission? Especially for all the sellers who do their own shipping? Nope, they don’t care. His greed is in competition with Bill Gates.


So… I’ve sent messages more than once to seller support because the postage amount that is set up on the item page is so antiquated& does not even come close to covering the cost to ship the item. They tell me to raise the prices of my items to cover the overages I have to pay for the shipping. So I do this… then months later (after I have spent numerous weeks & hours updating my listings & they start this action. I don’t know about you guys…But I am SO FED UP with Amazon messing with the website & changing things. By the time I pay Amazon (first), then the USPS to ship it, pay the costs for shipping supplies… many times I barely make any profit at all. So how can we be price gouging? I have had many items they have suppressed my item… or made my items inactive… due to prices being too high (not) & someone else on the website has their item listed 10 to 20 times higher than mine (which they removed) & their item is still listed & active & listed for so much more money than mine was that they removed to lower price. Amazon has no idea what each seller’s costs are. Then, for them to constantly keep removing things for us to have to mess with all the time…is time WE DO NOT GET PAID FOR. The people who are price gouging are not the ones they keep messing with. Very frustrating. I have been removing several things because I am not going to list these things for Amazon & the USPS to be the ones who benefit from my sales & my work.


So… still no clarification. Great. Thanks.


oh trust me i know. I was smart enough to get the advise on the shipping price and increasing it - in writing - from my “seller support associate”.

You know who the feds need to investigate? Amazon but until all the dirty investigators are removed from those positions, I’m sure @Jeff is buying his way out of it all.


Cool, but what about when we’re being flagged for “price gouging” for listing an item at, say, $12.99 and AMAZON IS SELLING IT FOR $17.99?


Performance --> Account Health --> Product Policy Compliance --> Listing Policy Violations


I appealed for 1 asin & it took them approx a week to reinstate the asin…lost alot of sale due to that :frowning:


Play their game. List it for $17.98