❌ The new forum will publish your real business name


NOPE. Just gives angry people a new way to destroy someones account with fake buys and feedback abuse.

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… You think the blowback was bad when sellers addresses were published? WOW AMAZON WOW

Why do so many posters have a red X on their profile pic
How difficult will it be? sole proprietor ---> llc
Can I change my company name that buyers see?

I deal with people everyday on phones, on emails, and in person. I would never hand out my home phone and address to any of them. Why? Because some of them are vicious vindictive *%#$ and will cause you harm if they can.

The same is true for businesses. At least in a walk in store I can get someone charged for trespassing and other charges if damage is actually done. Amazon does not give us that option and does not protect our accounts from malicious attacks. Their system is not designed to do this, even though it is covered under the Sellers Code of Conduct.

When dealing with people you will get those who will do things that are not in their best interests because they do not care or realize the potential consequences to themselves when caught. That whole personality change thing that humans get in the “Anonymity” that is the internet simply encourages this even more.


We founded our company 33 years ago. I will have to say I agree with you on this. In the first 3 years of opening our doors, I had an accident in my motor vehicle. Last one that I had since then, and that’s a good thing.

But back to the harm. After the minor accident, a few thousand dollars damage for both of us, they said no big deal, let’s exchange papers and we are done with it.

Then they found out I was a business owner. The insurance company ended up settling for $25K.

I don’t think they wanted to cause us harm, but they saw our Corporation as a big bad company with deep pockets. What they did not know is we were a startup struggling to by food for our family and pay our team members so they could buy food.


It seems Amazon is determined to reduce the number of knowledgeable posters in the forums. What better way than to publish their business name.

We’ve had almost no luck getting answers from Seller Support on the infrequent occasions we’ve opened cases, while the forums have been a gold mine of useful information.

This is disheartening, to say the least.


Where do you exist?

In this world, a single nefarious seller will take down any one who offers constructive, or pointed criticism.

Disagreements will end quickly as soon as one bad apple efficiently extorts another commentator into silence.

For criminy sakes, this past year or two, commenters were shouted down and removed from the forum by sellers with evil intentions and protected by thin-skinned mods…
This will bring such a chilling effect on open and honest discussion that it will make the information offered here dangerously insufficient.

This is a pernicious action to make this forum useless.


In reality hence this post. I think ypu ment to tag a mod.


true true…


How does showing business names square with the Protect Your Privacy section of the Forum Guidelines? (It’s a copy/paste so any grammatical errors are Amazon’s, not mine.)

• Do not post or share any personal information for about yourself or others. Personal information includes but, is not limited to, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, license numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, any financial information, or IP address.




My opinion - 90% of Forum top 100 contributors will opt-out or never again be seen.

I say this, as It is hard to imagine a BUSINESS person giving out examples, and advice on a PUBLIC forum, when their business name is exposed to a few million others.

OK, yes a RESPONSIBLE business person will post very generic info, but no longer REAL WORLD info with any specificity.

Does Amazon NOT KNOW that this is a dog eat dog world?

If someone in your industry or business type discovers who you are, they can track your responses, then it is possible for them to infer quite a lot about your successes or failures if you do not SANITIZE your responses of all data, etc.

If in ANY COMMENT you post, you say ANYTHING major in regards to product, sales, etc, you now risk the dark size of the Amazon Vendor community taking advantage.

Bottomline, is Amazon will do as Amazon wants. As such.

I believe that Amazon MUST give all posters the option to wipe out their history because the forum has always been anonymous, and when each of us agreed to the amazon forum policy ( in which it states that “Amazon owns the content” ), we did so, ( OR AT LEAST I DID SO), knowing my comments were to be ANONYMOUSLY posted.

Making one PUBLICLY KNOWN is a breach.

Amazon MODERATORS @Tiff_Amazon - Please contact legal, as this will be an issue for many many posters.

Clarification on Shipping Holidays



<looks at name

Eh whatever


I don’t post much, but do try to be constructive or helpful when I do. I promise I will not post ever again if my business name is attached to it. Too easy for a bad actor to target you if they don’t like your posts or just read some competitive advantage into one. The forum will essentially stop existing for all intents and purposes.


Yes! Me too. This dog is gone.


I’m gone too… Peace out.


How do you leave?


Waiting for a moderators reply on how.


I would also be leaving the forums. Amazon systems are not secure enough nor managed well enough to mitigate vindictive behavior.


Interesting you say “whatever”.

because in this post

you mentioned you have a wife.

Why? Because you are human and like to connect with others. Share your experience with others ANONYMOUSLY. Like, I think, WE ALL DO.

Soon, if Amazon changes, will you still be so personal in your responses? Less connected to the forums because you need to be guarded in what you share? Now that you can be identified.

This is a BAD IDEA for the forum health.


good point. I make a few enemies here. Someone might get bent out of shape and make “road trip” to settle some grudge they might have. It’s not an idea that’s way out there in left field.