Temporary return window extension


We are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, selling partners, employees, and the communities we serve. To give customers more time to return items in these challenging times, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy. We request that you match our returns policy for the applicable Amazon website, regardless of your fulfillment solution.

For orders placed on Amazon.com, most items delivered between March 1, 2020, and April 30, 2020, can now be returned until May 31, 2020.

Amazon return policy
Current return time frame?
Accidentally Responded to a Return Request by clicking "Close Request"
Auto authorized return
Amazon auto authorize return after 69 days of delivery? Now I have to deal with A-Z

Wait… Is Amazon unilaterally extending its return policy without ANY input from its sellers or is this a merely a request for us to extend our return period?


LOL apparently. While other retailers are locking down returns for the foreseeable future, we’re expected to do the opposite.


we have been thinking amazon needs to make all items Non returnable for the next 45 days, til this thing clears, we DO NOT WANT possible contaminated goods returned to our warehouse


Request denied


I wonder what happens to our payouts…are they going to hold funds longer?


So basicly we are RENTING OUT our products for a couple of months!


This is ludicrous. So now people can buy something now, and decide if they want it over the next TWO MONTHS, and we have to foot the bill?! Absurd. So we are now being forced to bear the burden of bad budgeting.


There is no challenge to returning an item. People go out to buy food and do other stuff. This is no different.

That said I do understand a few extra days, maybe a week, BUT there is no reason not to request the return within the standard time limits that already exist. The only delay could be in getting it mailed.

I foresee this OP getting 0 :heart:'s as it is unneeded.


So basically when the spread of the virus is contained,
Let’s spread it around again by sending in the used goods everyone contaminated all over the world. Got it, so everyone make sure they blame amazon for spreading the pandemic more when all is possibly said and done and it spreads again. Gotchya


100% correct. This is a dangerous policy, returns may need to be stopped for the next 2 months.


Just means, You will match our returns policy


This is WRONG!!! What are you thinking? Us sellers are working hard to fullfill orders from our warehouses direct to the customers in order to flow with changes to warehousing and current needs of the customer. And you unilaterally decide we have to accept a longer return window? Amazon…if this is what you want for the customers than YOU should foot the returns YOU are accepting outside of the regular normal return window!! YOU are putting us in danger both in health and economics!


Which Amazon Return option is this? There are 3 options and 2 of those appear the similar:

I want Amazon to automatically authorize and provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests that meet Amazon Policy. (I am thinking “Amazon Policy” is the extended return window).

I want Amazon to automatically authorize all return requests and provide a prepaid shipping label when eligible. (does this mean 30 days only?)


No, you must have missed the part when they said “Request”. Right? …


This is utter !@#$…why do people need more time to return items? I see a whole lotta buyer remorse returns coming our way. May need to go on vacation until the madness is over…


Why? Most people are at home. This is the most unreasonable thing Amazon has done IMO. You are just letting people use our items for a few months, then return them for a full refund. This is not like the Christmas holiday season where people start buying Nov 1st and people don’t get the gifts until the end of Dec.


Followed by “For orders placed on Amazon.com, most items delivered between March 1, 2020, and April 30, 2020, can now be returned until May 31, 2020”.

So which is it?


This change makes NO SENSE for us and the products we offer. This only gives a greater advantage to buyers who use the ALREADY generous Amazon Return policy to take advantage of Sellers. For example, if a Buyer purchases an action figure for their child and after 10 weeks their child breaks it through rough handling a Seller must NOW take the Return and the Loss? This recently happened to us, and it was only the 30 day Return policy that saved us from having to take a Loss on something that was purely the Buyer’s fault.

Can someone please explain HOW and WHY this policy helps Amazon Sellers in ANY way?

Can someone further explain why extending the 30 Day Return window to 90 Days for Toys and collectibles helps the “health and well being” of Amazon’s Customers?




How about we suspend auto authorization? There is surely a broad spectrum of products supplied by third-party sellers, some of which would always benefit from prior communication, before a label is offered. Some buyers take advantage of the privilege they hold, returning products for all sorts of reasons. Sellers need to be given some help, too, many of whom are working hard to pick up the slack whilst Amazon warehouses focus of “essential items”.