Simplify US seller-fulfilled returns with the new Returns Provider program


To help international sellers manage seller-fulfilled returns from US customers, we’re launching the Returns Provider (RP) program.

If you don’t have a US return address, the Returns Provider program can connect you with service providers to manage your returns.

Using the program simplifies domestic returns, allows you to recoup return costs, and ensures a seamless customer returns experience. Once enrolled in the program, you can receive Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders with the provider’s domestic warehouse address, enabling you to further streamline customer returns.

The Returns Provider program will launch to a limited number of international sellers on February 16, 2022 February 22, 2022, and then to all sellers by March 2022.

For more information, see Returns Provider (RP) program.

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Now available: Returns Provider program for seller-fulfilled orders

Yup. This is what we needed. A way to further assist international sellers on the US platform. Good job Amazon, your doing it!



FREE RERURNS will kill profit for small business in US, small and lights boxes shipping cost is high and REE RETURNS will be lead to more abuse by customers.


More than ever, it’s a numbers game.


To be clear, international (non-domestic) Sellers on have only ever had THREE options for returns, within Amazon policy:

  1. Returnless refunds
  2. Pre-paid and Seller-funded international return label, regardless of return reason
  3. A US-based return address

This announcement is nothing new, policy-wise. Amazon is announcing an integrated service to streamline option 3.

International Sellers have the option to enroll in the RP program, where they will choose from Amazon-vetted, US-based return providers and begin offering their Buyers automatically-generated, Seller-funded, pre-paid return shipping labels to the domestic RP address.

Now available: Returns Provider program for seller-fulfilled orders

Its true. Now they are just being hand-fed solutions to keep them here.

IMHO, its kind of like those signs at the parks. “Do not feed the wildlife”. If you continue to feed them solutions then when anything goes wrong or they are inconvenienced they will come right back to Amazon (or here) and groan and complain.


Now they are just being hand-fed solutions to keep them here.

Ha ha, I don’t know. When Amazon offers * me * “solutions” (see my posts re: shipping automation for just one example), all they do is F’K things up. Maybe we should encourage Amazon to come up with “solutions” for those international sellers. Solution them right off the platform. :wink:




Using the program simplifies domestic returns, allows you to recoup return costs, and ensures a seamless customer returns experience. Once enrolled in the program, you can receive Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders with the provider’s domestic warehouse address, enabling you to further streamline customer returns.

So international accounts get to recoup return costs and I get nothing.
Why can’t I recoup my return costs? Why are you so against US sellers?


you think this is a solution for International sellers? LMAO!!! International sellers all over the World are pulling their goods from Amazon due to the free goods button (Returnless) This includes USA sellers. the service they are offering will not entice any sellers back on to International listings. You have to pay for the service pay for the return and then you may get offered up to 50 cents for a 24 dollar product.
Likw most sellers who are effected by this they will continue to build their business on other sales channels.


Sure they are. You’re kidding right?

Just checking


No joke. you may think I am saying they are removing all products and listings they are not. they are removing all products under 25 Euros and 25 dollars those who are not are all increasing their prices ie 12 dollars/Euro item now costs 25 dollars/Euros.
In Amazon Europe they are trying very hard to entice sellers back onto the Euro zones and it is not working. They are even hinting about a re-look at the current returnless refund policy.


That’s interesting. Learned something. Makes sense. Thank You

Be Well


Not only you cannot recoup your return costs but guaranteed you will be funding this program for your international competitors through higher fees.


Amazon should help sellers handle so many fake counterfeit and IP claims issues, get a much better group shipping rates, eliminate the unfair competitions due to fake reviews, and many more things which really benefit sellers.


Should the proposals in Congress become law Amazon is hedging its bets as the U.S. laws will not apply to non U.S. based sellers. Therefore Amazon’s scammers will have a whole new market to rob from.

And of course Amazon will either be the parent of this new “RP” program, or will have worked out kick-backs (excuse me - fees - I get those mixed up sometimes with Amazon) so Amazon makes even more undeclared money (look at your 1099-K, see the itemization for “sales-tax”? Notice this is reported in the gross income Amazon paid you? I do not remember Amazon disbursing to me any sales tax they charged and collected on my sales. So why is Amazon claiming they paid it to me when allegedly they are supposed to remit it directly to the sales tax authorities in the relative states? Is Amazon "double dipping by claiming they paid to sales tax to us as gross sales thereby taking an earned income deduction and then taking a separate deduction when they actually paid the sales tax to the proper authorities? I have no legal authority to claim I charged, collected and paid sales tax to all the tax authorities that Amazon reported as my gross since I do not have accounts with any of the tax authorities except my own home state. On the same token how come Amazon does NOT give us a complete total of all the fees they charged us in the calendar year and instead also lumps into gross amount reported? Is this a way Amazon skirts reporting earned income? Yes you deduct the amounts from your tax return, but do you also report the fees and sales taxes back as Amazon’s income? We do, by sending Amazon a 1099-M).


Don’t Fall for that. USA based domestic sellers can’t even recoup their return costs. Don’t think you will be any different.

Read that statement very closely. “and ensures a seamless customer returns experience”. The customer will get their money back instantly, At YOUR EXPENSE.



You are not understanding what the 1099-K reports. It is the gross amount of the credit card transactions for your sales. It is not your gross income. The categorized amounts on the 2nd page of the form are either credited or debited on your own return.


“Form 1099-K includes the gross amount of all reportable payment transactions.”

The purpose of the 1099-K is to report the unadjusted gross amount of all reportable payment transactions.
Your Payment Transaction Report, Summary version will give you itemized totals of fees and other charges and credits.

Because that is Amazon’s legal obligation under the Marketplace Facilitator Legislation enacted in the states where Amazon collects.

No, as I am sure Amazon reports their own ‘fee’ income. I’m not sure if reporting marketplace fees paid via a 1099-Misc is appropriate. I do claim them against income on my own return.

Not a tax expert. I do hope you use professional tax advice and preparation services.


You first mistake is being “sure” that Amazon reports back their own fee income. If you have such documentation please provide it as my account would like to see it.

Your second mistake is regarding the sales tax. We are NOT the seller of record, Amazon is. Sales tax collected on Amazon sales is NOT income to us. In fact we NEVER see it so it should NOT be reported as paid to us. Read the 1099-K - it states in plain English that we are the “payee” (meaning that money was paid to us - that is a lie). If the sales tax were in fact paid to us then we would be responsible to remit the same to every tax authority that a sales was made under their jurisdiction (and we would required to be registered as a foreign business in those respective states and be registered with each tax authority).

Yes I do use a CPA to prepare all my tax documents. You should do the same, or at least seek advice on the points I raised.


Too far OT.
No mistakes here, misunderstanding there, my CPA is also a CFO.
You should have your CPA explain these things to you.