Set faster default handling time for your seller fulfilled standard shipping orders


Beginning May 25, 2021, you can set a faster default handling time of 1 business day for your products depending on your operational capabilities.

Customers love faster deliveries and are more likely to purchase products that have faster estimated delivery times. Products with faster estimated delivery times are also more likely to be the featured offer on product detail pages. Previously, Amazon used a default handling time of 2 business days to set the estimated delivery times for seller fulfilled standard shipping orders. With this launch, you can now choose a faster default handling time of 1 business day to provide faster estimated delivery times.

You can update the default handling time for your account on the Shipping settings page on Seller Central.

What is handling time?

Handling time is the number of days taken by a seller to pick, pack and ship a product after the order is received. Estimated ship date for an order is defined based on handling time.

What is default handling time?

Default handling time is the handling time set at an account level and applies to all your products unless you specifically change the product level handling time. You can set the account level default handling time to either 1 business day or 2 business days (this does not affect products that have a product level handling time set).

Note: Only Sellers with professional selling plans will be able to update/edit their default handling time.

How can I update the default handling time?

To update the default handling time on Seller Central, follow the below steps:

  1. Under Settings on Seller Central, click Shipping Settings.
  2. On the Shipping Settings page, navigate to General Shipping Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to Handling Time and click Edit.
  4. Select 1 Day or 2 Days and click Save.
Note: For new Sellers joining the program, the default handling time will set to 1 business day and Sellers will have the option to change it to 2 business days.

What will be the impact on order fulfillment when I set 1 business day default handling time?

The expected ship date for orders from products with 1 business day handling time will be the next business day. It's important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that you meet the Late Shipment Rate (LSR) requirement for your account. Click here to learn more.

How can I set longer handling time for specific products that take longer to ship?

You can set longer handling times for specific products by updating the handling time via Seller Central’s Manage Inventory page (one product at a time) or Inventory Excel file uploads (for bulk updates). Click here to learn more.


“Scroll down to Handling Time and click Edit .”

There’s no “Handling Time” on my page…?


It’s there for me. Do you have pro account?



I go to the template, and it then says Handling time, but there’s only a button “same day delivery” no way to edit…



You need to go back and read the instruction on where the option is located.


ok did that, still not there.


So individual seller account can not edit handling time?


Maybe a glitch for you then. It is there for me on the General Settings page.


@HiToy Sorry, but what part of that sentence is confusing to you?


It’s not under templates. It’s under general.


Yes I understand that. Maybe I should have said: I THEN go to the template…


What template is under general? What line items are available to you under general?


Hmmm…I was trying to adjust our handling time for unrelated reasons this morning and discovered that we don’t have a ‘handling time’ box? Anyone else having this issue? I really don’t want to update our handling time on each individual item, since it’s a temporary change.


ayo chill don’t tell people this


Right under that list of settings is where I see handling time.


“migrated template”

My screen looks just like what “Mount Mansfield” posted.

He/she says there’s no handling time box, same as me…




I don’t understand the need for this change.

You used to be able to enter any value for default handling days.
We has our set to 3
Now the only options are 1 & 2?

We set it on the sku anyway but it was good to have the default set to the same value as a backup.


I do not have a “handling time” setting either.


This is just a ‘default’ setting. If you want a longer handling time, you have to do that with each individual product, or bulk with uploading an XML file.