Send to Amazon will replace Send/replenish inventory on September 1


On September 1, 2022, Send to Amazon will replace the Send/replenish inventory workflow as part of our ongoing efforts to make shipment creation simpler and more flexible.

Important dates

  • August 31 is the last day on which you can create shipments using Send/replenish inventory.
  • Starting September 1, the old workflow will no longer be available. All new FBA shipments must be created either in Send to Amazon or with the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API or Selling Partner API.

Send to Amazon features

Thousands of FBA sellers already use Send to Amazon, our streamlined shipment-creation workflow. The updated workflow lets you do the following:

  • Create shipments with simplified steps that include training videos.
  • Create reusable case-pack templates to save box-level information and prep and labeling details when you use the same configuration for single-SKU boxes. With these templates, you can avoid re-entering the details each time that you replenish inventory.
  • Add both single-SKU and mixed-SKU boxes to the same workflow.
  • Pack your boxes in advance or just in time when you’re ready to ship.

Starting today, when you create shipments from Manage Inventory, Manage FBA Inventory, or Restock Inventory, you’ll be directed to Send to Amazon automatically. You can also access Send to Amazon from your Shipping Queue. You can continue to access the old workflow for new shipment creation until August 31.

For more information, go to FBA shipment creation changes to Send to Amazon.

Switching back to old shipment work flow design
Ask Amazon: Learn about the Send to Amazon workflow
Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
Switching back to old shipment work flow design
Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
Ask Amazon: Learn about the Send to Amazon workflow

Please. Do not do this. You are adding so much extra work for sellers who send in hundreds of items by the pallet load. There is no need for this.


Not knowing the destination before you pack is a major problem.


Will Upload Shipping Plan File still work? This currently creates a shipping plan in the Send/replenish inventory workflow. Will this be replaced by another option to upload a file based on Merchant SKU and QTY?


Why? What is wrong with the old system?


What happens if your shipment is split between multiple fulfillment centers and you’ve already packed your boxes? That’s the reason I’ve continued to use the old system.


This workflow is a nightmare for small boutique/niche sellers with an agile inventory control system. Every box is different - gotta always watch restock levels and storage fees. Horribly complicated and frustrating.


Please, please, please allow us to use the old system. This will be a nightmare for my business.


They say it’s “streamlined”, but im my opinion, the new system is more complicated. I hate it


New workflow is terrible


As voiced by all sellers above, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. There are multiple problems with Send to Amazon, as opposed to the current workflow, including:

  1. Box info has to be entered beforehand. With the current supply chain constraints, we often do not get full shipments from our suppliers, and creating a new shipment with whatever quantities we get is much more complicated with the new system.

  2. You can’t see which carrier is scheduled for pickup in the shipment details.

  3. There’s no option to duplicate the shipment.

  4. All shipments in a plan can no longer be seen from a single shipment.

  5. There’s no prompt to enter name for a newly created shipment, which is easily overlooked and can create confusion when trying to locate one.

  6. “Who labels” does not appear, which is a problem when the warehouse needs to check whose responsibility it is to label the products.

  7. New system does not allow voiding charges, as the current one does.

The new system does not help at all and it only slows down the process. Amazon - PLEASE do listen to us on this one and allow the currently workflow to remain available along with Send to Amazon.


When we create a new shipment through “Send to Amazon”, you split it into multiple destinations. It is understandable but we cannot ship each destination separately because the system wants us to enter pallet information for all destinations. Please solve this problem first.


Send to Amazon is very complicated and makes no sense. Amazon please do not change the old workflow…it works much better!


Well said and well expressed. Thank you for taking the time do this.


With “Send to Amazon,” when shipments are split up into several FC destinations, you cannot adjust the shipping mode for the split up shipments. If you select LTL, then you are stuck sending all split up shipments LTL, even if it is just 1 or 2 boxes. That makes no sense and it has to be fixed.

For example, I create a shipment of 100 boxes. Amazon splits it into 2 FCs. 98 boxes go to 1 FC via LTL. The remaining 2 boxes I rather send UPS. However, I am stuck sending it via LTL. It makes no sense booking a truck for a pallet of 2 boxes! Please fix this!


The new workflow is horrible and much more complicated for our business.


Ever heard of the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’

The people making these decisions sit behind a desk all day and have no idea the problems sellers face using the new workflow.


Not being able to rename shipments is a problem for our business.

Another problem not mentioned with the new Send to Amazon workflow:

If you enter box quantity information for individual units with the web form, you can save a draft. If you re-load the workflow, the saved draft is there. So far, so good.

The problem is if the quantity of one of the items has to be changed (even by just one unit) with the view/edit button after the web form has been filled out and saved, all the box quantity information you had entered is lost and has to be re-entered. That is a horrible design.

The current send/replenish inventory workflow will automatically adjust the total quantity by up to 6 units or 5% without trouble.

I know I can use the excel file upload to get around this second issue, but for smaller shipments, I prefer the web version


When I check the forum website, everyone is saying that the old workflow is terrible. I agree and hate the new workflow. However, Amazon is doing what amazon made a decision. Amazon has to listen to the seller. Is there any way we can send a message to Amazon not to change the system? It has to be some ways to contact Amazon. They can not ignore all the sellers.


Shipment class can’t be edited. One of our SKUs has a lower shipment class whereas another has a higher shipment class. It’s terrible.