Reminder: Action required for listings on Amazon classified as pesticides


We have updated the requirements to offer pesticides and pesticide devices. Please be aware that, under EPA regulations, products may be considered pesticides or pesticide devices because they make pesticidal claims, as further described below.

As of October 6, 2020, all listings of pesticides and pesticide devices will require the Pesticide Marking attribute to be filled in with evidence of an EPA Registration number and/or EPA Establishment number, or a certification that the product is exempt from EPA regulations. Proactively providing the required EPA information on the product detail page will minimize disruption to your product offerings.

Beginning January 11, 2021, listings of pesticides and pesticide devices without this information may be subject to removal. For detailed instructions for adding the Pesticide Marking attribute to new or existing pesticides listings, along with some answers to frequently asked questions, see the Compliance ID Attribute – Pesticide Marking page.

Additionally, approval from Amazon is required to sell these products. As per Amazon policy, only U.S. residents are eligible to list pesticide products on If you haven’t received approval, login to Seller Central to start the application process on the Selling Application page.

You may not be aware you are selling products the EPA considers pesticides or pesticide devices, as it can be hard to identify which products qualify and why. The EPA classifies pesticides or pesticide devices as products that are marketed to disinfect, repel insects, remove allergens, or prevent bacteria, or that make any other antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, or other pesticidal claims. If any of your products have been identified as a pesticide or pesticide device, you will receive an email from us with a list of the affected ASINs.

As a reminder, per Amazon policy, all pesticides and pesticide devices must comply with EPA regulations and all applicable state and local laws, including registration and labeling requirements. Amazon also requires you to provide accurate information about your products on the product detail page.

For more information, see Amazon’s Pesticides and Pesticide Devices policy. You can also bookmark this article for future reference.

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I’ve updated all of my listings for garbage bags and mop buckets to state “EPA Registration” ,"Does not contain a pesticide"m and an EPA registration number as “Does not apply”. Hopefully that suffices since “No EPA registration required” is not an option. Is that right?

Also, when we add the EPA registration number on products that actually DO require it and aren’t flagged incorrectly, what happens when we don’t have editing rights to the listing and the competitor who has editing rights neglects to do it?


The EPA and Amazon have a settlement agreement. The FDA doesn’t, surely you don’t really want the FDA to step in too?


Seller Support:
We’re a seller that sells minimum risk pesticide products. Few of our listings have been taken down by AMZN lately and they insist us to have a EPA registration number, even though we provided AMZN all sorts of evidence (product labels, active & inert ingredients, MFR letter stating is minimum risk, etc…) that the product met all 6 conditions of minimum risk product. We have also updated the pesticide marking attribute ‘EPA registration number’ & ‘This product qualifies for an exemption…’ under product details. EPA doesn’t required registration and does not provide certification if the pesticide product is created with the active and inert ingredients as stated on EPA.
Our products are clearly minimum risk pesticide products, but AMZN kept getting back with canned responses insisiting on a EPA registration number. Please help, thank you!


I still shake my head and laugh each time they notify me that one of my products is considered a pesticide - it’s microwaveable mac and cheese!

I have made the correct notations, but I’m still waiting for January for them to tell me that consumable edibles are pesticides…


Great, Amazon removed one of my items because they thought my DVD MOVIE didn’t have the correct pesticide certification. I can only wait to see what happens when they purposely do something.


This is going to rip through the site like a virus, just like the other maniacal bots. Amazon is hopeless.


Yes. Amazon decided a stuffed animal toy we sell was a pesticide…


I noticed you avoided saying a bug cannot be killed with it?!? Therefore a pesticide lol.


LOL! Yeah, we’ve had a few Hexbug mechanical bug toys classified as pesticides, which I always found mildly ironic. But the most recent was a stuffed unicorn toy that they labelled as a an intestinal cleanse for cats!!


This one might be accurate.


Hi all,
I sell PPE Gloves. I try to list a product that got deleted by us. Now when I try to list it again, I get an error that I’m not approved to sell pesticide. Is there anyway to correct this? I had listed the same item before without any issues. What changed???


Perhaps Amazon should stop competitors (mostly in PRC) from changing an product page to the pesticide category to get it suppressed, while they create their own product page under a BS “brand” and lock it down so no one else can sell on it.


I don’t know about you all but finally here is a spec of insight. If it’s not new impending invisible policy crippling/destroying many new and aged amazon accounts, then it is competitors with their tactical sabotaging actions to accounts.

In the middle of last year I had my products flagged as pesticides. I was able to get one out of that and continued to sell only later getting flagged for sure by a competitor. I know this because all competitors were taken down except one, and we had exchanged threatening verbiage between us.

We finally have an EPA number and have tried several times taking several months to get it attached to the flagged ASINS which are now closed and trying to get ReInstated. Every response we get from an AMZ (support) drone, goes something like:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue with ASIN **********.

Your case is currently being reviewed by one of our internal teams. We will let you know the outcome after the review process is complete.

Thank you for selling with AMZ

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
As per the update from the internal team ASINs- ********** and ********** products have been identified as an unregistered pesticide or a product that makes pesticidal claims and is unregistered. Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of pesticide products that have not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To be considered for reinstatement, please provide the product’s EPA registration number or evidence of exemption from registration. Evidence of exemption from registration may include proof of state registration as an EPA-exempt product.

For information on how to register your product with the EPA, please see their guidance here: https://www.epa.(Link).

For information on EPA’s conditions for minimum risk pesticide products that are exempt from EPA registration, please see their guidance here: https://www.epa.(Link)
For more information on Amazon’s policies for listing pesticides, please refer to the help page on Pesticides and Pesticide Devices: https://(LINK)

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?

Click here for yes: ( Link somehow always works )
Click here for no: ( Link somehow NEVER works )

Does anyone know how to get past the AMZ drone responses. I’ve tried several times to provide the EPA number. I would really like to have an email address I can send it to besides the @-Jeff email. I assum I have to redo the plan-of-action and provide the EPA number to attach to the ASINS.
Sorry for the long rant! Any help would be much appreciated :sweat_smile:


I think this new policy means Amazon will need to make a procedure for addressing mis-identified non-pesticides.
Before, it was easier to just take the test.


Prepares for a slew of deactivated listings for Movies/Games that happen to mention bugs


One issue is that your EPA EST # does not pre-date the Amazon listing creation date.

Another issue might be that you are under investigation by the EPA. IF you are then you will need to get right with the EPA first.

Finally, are you a US Seller?

Sending an email to Jeff, will probably not have any impact as this is an Amazon & EPA issue, with the EPA having final say. You might reach out the EPA they will be able to assist you in resolving your issue better than Amazon will.


I was selling a automatic toliet bowl flusher … They labeled it as a pesticide , removed my listing and would not let me sell it.


The product probably was, if you mentioned anything about odor, bacteria, sanitize, disinfect, sterilize, mold, fungus, etc.


Had a product given the “dog pages”, removed from the Catalog causing “Stranded Inventory” for a PCRP violation. Seller Support confirms that the listing does not violate PCRP.

Fix your broken system Scamazon!