Product images now available for A/B Tests with Manage Your Experiments


The Manage Your Experiments feature now includes A/B testing of product images. For the first time, you can test alternate versions of your main product image and see what images may drive higher conversion rates with customers. At no additional cost, you can use A/B tests to help optimize your product images which can generate confidence with customers and help drive purchase decisions.

With Manage Your Experiments, you can run A/B experiments on three areas of your detail page: A+ Content, product titles, and images. Experiments are easy to start and the results are simple to understand, so you can be confident you are making the right choice for your products. It takes less than five minutes to create an image experiment with results shared weekly.

You can start an experiment in the Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central.


And of course Amazon leaves out "In order to run experiments that have statistically meaningful conclusions, your brand’s products must meet minimum traffic requirements. Right now, none of your products meet that threshold. "

Any clue, Amazon, what that minimum traffic requirement might be? Or is that another metric we should just consider a crap shoot, like the IPI score?


Amazon is too busy right now marking your books as pesticide’s. Please hold.


Based on main product image guidelines, what other image options could there be?


The primary image option is not available for us. We have the other two types, but not the primary images.


If anyone can find out definitively what the minimum traffic requirements are to be eligible for this, please post it on here on the forums! We could all use that info


2k sessions/mo for me


They state: As a rule of thumb, high-traffic ASINs typically receive several dozen orders per week or more.
Yet I have an item that had 276 sessions and 226 orders in the last 7 days, and even that didn’t qualify.


Upside Down?


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It would appear this only applies to brand owners, which makes sense, as, how would sellers who share a listing apply the A/B option?


How infuriating! If you run the experiment long enough, you’ll get meaningful results even with low traffic.

Shouldn’t it be up to the user as to how to interpret the results? Give us the tools and the data and let us figure out what to do with it!


Oh my gosh, yes! UGH!


Great tool to improve your sales if you are struggling! BUT, yeah give the power to the items or to brand owners that are already getting high traffic and good sales volume to start with. Then leave the sellers behind who are struggling to get a grip on understanding how and what should work. Don’t you think this tool will influence a rather monopoly culture among who are already doing good? Provide help who need it most, not who bring you money most.

Your brand’s products must meet minimum traffic requirements.


Typical. I just wasted ten minutes trying to find the A/B testing link from the link that amazon gives above that doesn’t actually go to the right place. Not to mention that there is no “Manage your Experiments” tool per se. Sigh.


Although technically true, it could take decades.


I finally realized that by “meaningful conclusions,” Amazon means meaningful for them, not the seller. Amazon doesn’t want to waste computer processing power storing and crunching numbers for every new invention some budding entrepreneur starts selling here.

My products are among the best-selling in the world in their category, but too small to be useful for Amazon. So I won’t be allowed access to use their tools designed to better allow Amazon to compete against me.


Does this require Brand Registry in order to work?


EXACTLY! It’s not like if you follow the rules you can use callouts, backgrounds, icons, etc. Their main image guidelines are pretty vanilla, so maybe test between vanilla and extra vanilla? :woman_shrugging:t3:


I would guess they are looking back at a month’s worth of sessions, not just a week. Based on the eligible items showing for me, it appears to be 1,000+ sessions/mo. If your 276 sessions in the last week keeps up for a few weeks and you cross that 1K threshold, I would be curios to know if next month it becomes eligible for you.