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I have a private label or logo ready to go, (as a JPEG file) but have a few questions on this topic.
Say I was to sell a very common item such as table cloths, and I have my private label (sticky label) adhered to the cloth.
Now other sellers will have also private labelled the same item with their logo.
I presume that if there is more than one private label on the same item it is ok to proceed.
Does the cloth manufacturer apply the label? Does the same manufacturer undertake the printing of the private label, or are they printed elsewhere in China and sent to the manufacturer?
You can see by the questions I an new to all this. Sorry to ask obvious questions.
I will register my private label with Amazon’s brand registry before I start selling.


Good question and wise to ask first. Sticky labels are not permitted for private labeled items. It must be on the item itself, even as a hang tag, attached by the manufacturer.

Before you apply for Amazon Brand Registry, you must apply for a USPTO “standard text” trademark (without any style, font, or graphics) and wait, up to 12 months, for your trademark to become registered. No registered USPTO trademark, no Amazon Brand Registry.

My thread, keeps getting longer, but it is worth a read, to the end: New Seller Checklist.

Please pay special attention, to the Intellectual Property Infringement, section.


When a manufacturer registers a UPC number for a product, it can not be a private label. You would need to use the manufacturer branding and you could assign a FNSKU for the resulting ASIN (that is assigned the UPC number).

When there is no brand and no UPC, then you are taking your chances in a different way.

When you register your brand on the Brand Registry (should be a registered trademark or you will have trouble later) with your own UPC number (purchased for your company with your brand assigned), you will have some legal protection and some protection with the Brand Registry on Amazon. You will need your brand visible on the packaging and possibly on the item - depending on the nature of the item. A table cloth could have the branding sewn as a cloth label to the corner.

There is nothing to prevent other sellers from selling the same item purchased from the same manufacturer with their own branding. They will have also put their own branding on the item packaging with their own UPC.

Both of you would have your distinct ASINs and whoever was there first, did the most and earliest advertising and achieving the most sales would achieve the better sales rank and appear in relevant searches.

Until that happens, your items would be at the very end of all relevant searches and likely not findable by anyone since there will usually be many thousands of similar items ahead in the ranking.

Without substantial investment, both in advertising and discounts, there is really nothing to differentiate those items.

It can take a really long time to see sufficient results to make it worth while.

Private labelling is really only effective for new, innovative, unique items that everyone is looking for and that only you have AND you have to have spent substantial amounts promoting the product so that buyers are looking for that item AND your brand.


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