My FBA Nightmare!!!

1-Customers are receiving box of 12 order with 1 or 2 glass in it.

  1. Holding or not processing shipment til 30 days or longer.

  2. I have December Shipment showed closed few days ago as delivered and closed and now not received.

  3. I haven lost $15000-$20000 sale from Sept - Now as a result of FBA did not process shipment in a timely manner.

  4. Amazon is in competition with my one the 2 ASIN by $5. This is not fair. We can not lower price to math their price.

  5. There is more…

We are paying AMZ fees to process our shipment on a timely manner. They should triple the FBA Staffs in by September.

I think we should address this to the highest level/Jeff. I am whiling to fight and go all way to top level with by all AMZ Sellers. I have always done it and it WORKS! However it was never with private corporation.


Go sell somewhere else


Don’t blame the FBA workers.

Jeff and Executive Management Team know all about this. What they’re doing to us, is coming directly down from the top.

You can read my experience with them in the Petition to Jeff, January 12, Post 546.

They want us to go elsewhere.



If you have the resources, you can move your shipping to another warehouse or do it yourself!

As far as competing with Amazon, well… welcome to Amazon. There are daily lessons to learn on this site, lesson #1. Amazon will list a product that you sell and drop the selling price equal to or below your cost! What can you do about it… NOTHING!




Want to eliminate competition, sell below their cost and have unlimited resources.

Would suggest you find another product to sell.


That’s life . You have to rise above it and see what you can do . Do not expect fair . That’s the ideal world . In the real world fair does not apply .


Our any Shipment IDs lost and missed counted every year.

This year we lost 1200 units around amount is $12,000.00. even today we are lost again.


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