How to open a case with Amazon


How to open a case with Amazon, I have tried the help section with not results and need to open a case or in some way connect with Amazon. I personally think this is a very poor customer service to have to jump through all these hoops and get not solution.


If you would like to contact the regular Seller Support either by e-mail or phone (which is only available for sellers with the professional selling plan), follow this helpful link:

Once you are on the “Contact us” page, select the appropriate option from the menu on the left side:


I don’t see these pages that allow me to contact support!


What do you see when yo follow the link?

I wrote this thread a while back …


I clicked on the link to get directly into “Contact us” and the same thing happens. For two seconds the page you refer to comes up and then is replaced by that same page, one side a big Contact Us, and on the other side that box that says Tell us how we can help you. No matter what help link or what contact us or support link I click on, there is that same page: one side a big Contact Us, and on the other side that box that says Tell us how we can help you.

So there is no way to follow your instructions since I cannot get on that page. Surely, surely I’m not the only one experiencing this.


I had the same frustration trying to open a case.
In my case, it was about fees charged. I typed “Amazon Fees” into the box for “Tell Us How We Can Help”, and then clicked on the “Get Help” button.
Then, at the bottom of the page it shows a box for “See more solutions”, and when you click that button, you get the page described by @Oneida


Having the same trouble, been all over Amazon for an hour…so frustrated!!


Try this link:


Omgosh…your directions worked!!! I am so grateful for your info, I followed the steps and got a call 2 seconds after I chose to be notified by phone. Amazon charged me $39.99 for my new handmade seller acct when the fee was supposed to be waived until December. The representative processed a refund and I am closing my seller account (opened and closed in a week…new record lol). I hadn’t listed anything yet and after over an hour spent online trying to get an answer, I don’t want any part of this lol. I’ll stick with Ebay and a couple other sites I use.

I hope everyone see’s your email & instructions!!!

Have a great day!


Hi…Thank you
I got there with help from Minnesota Nice’s post, which I saw before yours


I’m glad that you were able to get the problem sorted out, but I would suggest that closing your account isn’t a good idea - should you change your mind in the future, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to open up shop again; amazon has very strict rules about one account per lifetime.

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