Holiday Settings now available


We have introduced a new widget named Holiday Settings in the General Shipping Settings page. The widget gives you an overview of upcoming holidays and allows you to customize the holidays to better match with your operational schedule and fulfillment capability. You will now have the opportunity to override a holiday and present faster customer promises for your self-fulfilled offers.

There is a set of public holidays predefined in Seller Central. When estimating shipping date and delivery date, holidays are not counted as operating days. Therefore, estimated shipping date and delivery date that fall on holidays would be pushed to the next operating day. If, however, you have the operational capability and want to keep handling and fulfilling customer orders on a predefined holiday, you can now customize the holidays by overriding them to operating days. Find more details in the Help page. You can click here to customize your holidays.

[FBM] 📅 Shipping holidays in Seller Central?!

How about adding a custom days off . for private holidays that are not public. that way sellers can adjust there handlng time and disable expidited shipping instead of going on vacation if they will need 1-2 days off. :dog:


USPS will be closed for Columbus and Veterans Day. FedEx and UPS will operate.

If a seller says they’re operating, any order with these days as Ship By will have to go FedEx and UPS. I suppose that doesn’t matter for sellers with items heavier than a pound (First Class Mail) or ship to Canada.

If a seller says they’re closed, any order’s original Ship Date for the holiday gets pushed back one day. All carriers can be used then. Second, it’s a free transit day if the seller is actually open. Amazon Buy Shipping sees a longer allowed transit time, letting the seller use downgraded shipping for less.

There may be hyper-competitive market niches where a day’s advantage matters. For the rest, what is the benefit of changing from ship-as-closed?


At first I was happy about this announcement as I was under the impression that you can add your own holiday. However, you cannot. Adding your own holiday would be a great option.


Vendors (wholesale) can do that. Problem is, we receive orders on operational black-out days anyway. If it’s ever added, let others test it out on the next holiday :stuck_out_tongue:


If Amazon made holidays, every day would be Amazon collectable toy removal and pesticide listing supression day.


I completely agree with you.

There are many other businesses that employs many (sometimes all) people with different religions whose holidays are not federal holiday which I always found it discrimination.

There should be an easy option for this where you add a date that you are closed.
But with this update you can see that Amazon wants us to work on the holidays too since you can only remove a date. (They already made weekend operating option previously)

It will be useful for companies which operates on holidays but there should be an option for the exact opposite where you choose a specific date when you are closed that is not a federal holiday.


my account is freeze on vacation when we try to active the listing is stuck on inactive and this process is since 20 days we will try to call and talk to specialists but no one tells the accurate solution of our account and we loss sell


I thought the same lol but apparently after weekend operating option now they are pushing holidays too.
Amazon wants us to be working every single day of the year


The goal is to under-promise and over-perform. At least if you want to be “delighting” buyers.

I think this ‘improvement’ will likely reverse the formula.


Every day is a holiday. We are 24 seven we do not take days off. Never ever use vacation mode. You learn how to deal with work and play 10 acers a pond, and pallets of stuff. We live to delight the customer. LOL. When do we sellers get some real help from amazon Bla Bla Bla. That is all. Wait how about a no fee holiday. Yeah


The better alternative would be to have custom holidays and days off. It is a must-have for international sellers. I personally celebrate Christmas on January 7th, not in December. The same with Easter and Independence Day.


This would be great, and is how Walmrt central does it … You go into a “calendar” page and can select "closed days for up to a couple years in advance… for example if you are closed on Mondays, you can select Mondays, Vacation days etc …and shppg times/ things are adjusted accordingly.


how about give us back the ability to set our handling time to more than 2 days? Currently I can choose only 1 or 2 days handling in shipping settings. Before I used to be able to set it to whatever I needed, 1 day or 5. Now I have to edit EVERY LISTING to override that. Makes it hard when I need 1 extra day in a specific week or whatnot.

ex. In March I had to go out of town for a funeral on a Thursday. I was going to be back on Monday afternoon, too late to ship on Monday. I needed 1 day added to my handling to accommodate this. I had to spend 2 hours manually updating every listing to a 3 day handling time. When it previously could have been done with that one option in shipping settings. Then when I got home I had to spend another 2 hours setting all the listings back to 2 days. Do Better Amazon. Im FBM/Handmade btw. Just stop making it harder on us sellers with stupid “improvements”


All of this is well and good, I guess, but didn’t anyone see DeJoy’s latest obiter dictum re slowing down packages (companies and individuals) from October 3 to after the holidays. I’m not sure if it has to be approved by the postal board, but . . . .


you can do it with a bulk upload sheet


It is about time that Amazon realized third party shippers do not operate 24/7/365 like they do. Kudos for doing something in our favor for once!


Uh, they are saying the exact opposite here. They are saying “we used to give you days off, but now you can choose to operate 365 days/yr.”


yup…just want sellers to operate even more hours…


amazon do not give the same option for many other than government holidays. is a cut clear discrimination vs religious holidays it is a civil rights issue