Holiday Returns Window 2022 - Update


We recently announced an update to the Holiday returns window and are now able to provide additional details. We have revised the return window from past years to ensure most early holiday shoppers' purchases during the new Prime Early Access Sale will also be eligible.

The 2022 extended holiday returns window will be in effect from October 11 through December 25, allowing customers to return most items through January 31, 2023.

Returns eligibility for all orders remains the same. For more information on our returns policy and to view the returns eligibility for each category, go to Returns and refunds.

Holliday return period kicked in when?

OK am I the only one that is totally confused about the policy?


@Sarcastic_Redhead Same basic plan as the last few years. They just adjusted the date from Oct 1 to Oct 11.


Then what is with the Dec 25th thing? It is written really insanely.


Yikes. The decision on the extended holiday return policy has been an absolute train wreck this year. First it was issued ‘late’ since Oct 1st has been the date the last two years. That was done due to the pandemic. Things are generally back to normal now so there is no need for this longer extension this year. Second, the policy is released to start between Oct 7th - Dec 31st. Fine. Whatever.

Third, new communication comes out soon after saying, ‘Haha, naw. That isn’t true. We’ll get back to you.’ related to this silly second Prime Day nonsense…which doesn’t make sense with this sale already being included in the original Oct 7th - Dec 31st dates.

Then, fourth, we come to today. NOW, the policy is for the odd dates of Oct 11th - Dec 25th. What? Just what?

All of this could have been avoided if someone could have just made up their mind ahead of time and decided to just keep it Oct 1st - Dec 31st like the previous two years. Makes Amazon look incredibly silly and amateur…


How about Prime orders do that and the rest do what we do all year long. Easy peasy.


I get Amazon is trying to compete with the bigger retailers but this policy is complete garbage. What Amazon fails to consider is that the big retailers don’t allow every return that enters their store to be processed. I constantly watch them turn away costumers that try and return products that don’t meet the return requirements. Amazon just lets anyone return anything (even if it’s not the correct item) and gives them a full refund. Then the sellers are required to do the work to get their money back with a safe-t claim which doesn’t give you the money owed, they give you some random measly amount the computer generates. Straight trash


Amazon are you drunk? You literally forgot to even enact the policy before the 1st when it has started because of the “pandemic”.

Then in response to sellers being furious you “delayed it with updates later, but would apply during the prime day sales”.

NOW you are updating us and it’s just the 11th through Christmas?

REALLY? You did all this to move the date by 4 days?

Seriously who is running this ship and why are they failing so hard at the basics?


The multiplicity of redundant and contradictory announcements makes it difficult to decide where to kvetch, but:

  1. This wording implies that either:
    (a) PEAS is a holiday, or
    (b) this should only apply to holiday shopping purchases, at which point I want evidence that our furniture (who gifts a couch?) wasn’t bought for personal consumption

  2. Previous wording implied (poorly) that the Oct. 11th date would only apply to Prime purchases

  3. What is your damn point? Any buyer can return any item (or a different one), any time, in any condition, and A2Z (or double-chargeback in a way we aren’t allowed to defend) any item and get our money (and likely the item as well).

  4. How is saying “effective for orders already placed today” (a) reasonable or (b) meeting the TOS requirement of 30 days notice of policy changes (and this policy has changed more than once in the last 30 days)? Oh, I forgot … our legally binding agreement with Amazon only applies to the extent it benefits Amazon.

  5. There are some things (and this is one of them) you do exceedingly poorly, Amazon. There are other things (and this is one of them) that are exceedingly seller-hostile. So please stop saying “our excellent automation says your name is Buttle, not Tuttle, so it must be” and “we love our 3PS.” Kick me in the groin, or tell me you love me … don’t do both at the same time.


This announcement would seem to imply that this should only apply to Prime purchases, at least for the first two days, non?

Customers who start their holiday shopping early at the new Prime Early Access Sale on October 11 and 12 will be able to return most products until January 31, 2023.

Of course, I’m asking for a lucid, real-time response from a company that can’t make a lucid announcement with months to prepare it, so who’s the idiot here?


Purchases up until and including December 25 will have this extended return policy.
After 12/25 the 30 day return period will then resume


That is how I was reading it as well but some posters above dont seem to agree?


In my understanding, we’re screwed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It means any order placed from Oct 11 to Dec 25, a consumer can request a return for any reason all the way till Jan 31 2023 and it will be within Amazon policy.

So a consumer could buy a present today, receive it next week and on Jan 31st request to return it because the receiver didn’t like it or already has one.

Yes abuse does happen, but it’s unlike for a person to buy 100 items from different sellers and return 90 of them in January and Amazon wouldn’t take action against them. It’s a honeypot really to get the bad actors to abuse it and be on Amazon’s radar.



Amazon: We are notifying you of a policy change that impacts your business.
Me: When does it go into effect?
Amazon: oh, about 20 hours ago.
Me: . .


Thinking of opening up a dozen pop up stores supplied by products from Amazon its a win win you only pay for what you sell then return whats left over at the end of january. I win Amazon wins oh wait ALL SELLERS LOOSE! This policy should only apply to AMAZON Shipped And Sold Items!


30 days from 25 Dec is NOT Jan 31… so the effective policy should end on 23 Jan and not 31 Jan


they can adjust the date from jan 1 to dec 31


I don’t get it.

Everyone was mad at the original policy of 10/1-12/31

Now everyone is mad they changed it to 10/11-12/25

Sure its not 11/1-12/25 or anything more realistic, but it’s still a welcome change, no need to be worked up. Amazon heard the replies and responded with quick action. It’s a huge company and these couple days of standard-policy returns probably needed modeling and cost-benefit analyses done—at amazon scale this takes time.

Kudos for them actually trying.


You are not the only one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: