Get greater visibility on customer returns and learn about free replacements


We’re excited to share two ways to help delight customers and grow your business: the customer returns tool and free replacements for customers.

Customer returns tool

We’ve added a tool to the FBA customer returns report page to give you greater visibility into reimbursements and customer returns. To quickly see whether you’ve been reimbursed, if you qualify for reimbursement, or if Amazon is still waiting for a customer return to evaluate:

  1. Go to the FBA customer returns report
  2. In the Important Message section, click input the order ID here to access the tool
  3. Enter a Customer order ID to check your reimbursement status

Important: Before requesting a reimbursement, review the FBA customer returns policy.

Amazon free replacements

Sometimes customers want a replacement for an item rather than just return it. With Amazon free replacements, customers can opt for a free replacement instead of waiting for a refund and then buying the same item again. Amazon ships an identical item (if available) from your inventory when a free replacement is requested.

Note that when a customer chooses a free replacement, you will see the item deducted from your inventory and a sale for $0 on your Customer Shipment Sales and Payments reports.

The customer has 30 days to return the unit (if possible), or they could be charged. Once the original unit is returned to Amazon, we will evaluate it. If eligible for a reimbursement, you will be reimbursed within 45 days of the customer replacement request.

How to check if you are being reimbursed for Orders not received, etc
"We don’t reimburse for refunds issued by non-Amazon entities" - But it WAS Amazon!

I have always wanted a feature like this for FBM however except for the part where it may need to be returned.I would only want it for those items that need to be returned.
Since many customers that are buying an item and having to wait for a refund after a return and rebuy don’t want to always wait that long to do that process.Which may cause them not to rebuy after a refund is given.
Obviously I realize this feature is only for FBA.


Good part of this

Offering replacements.

Having the LPN number. This allows us to easily check what order it was from.

Bad part of this

There is no way to contact a customer to find out what the “problem” is with their order.

As a result, Amazon needs to stop accepting returns that are not as described, not matching the website, etc. without a clear explanation of why.

“Amazon does not accept responsibility nor reimburse for returned items that are damaged by a customer, subject to recall, are defective or in violation of Amazon policies, or other similar reasons. We add these items to your unfulfillable inventory when they are returned.”

This is outright abuse of sellers. It is also being abused by customers. They open items use them and return them.

No sane company would offer a return policy like this.

Since it is not Amazon’s money, they have no incentive to protect sellers.

This policy abused enough will eventually stop sellers from using FBA.

This policy needs to be changed. If it is used, customer does not get full refund, if they even get one.

Also what needs to be added is a clear way to report abusive buyers.

We get items back weekly where customer claims item was something it was not to get a refund.


Just to catch my breath since I’m freakin out reading this. this only applies to FBA correct, SFP sellers won’t deal with that mess ? please advise anyone.


Well this is terrible


Keep making it easier for returns, so customers can use/destroy items and abuse the system all the while sellers pay higher and higher shipping prices and fees. :frowning:


Yeah, another good reason why we switching to FBM also thinking about stop doing SFP … to much catering from FBA and SFP and as confirmed here is just getting worse. Just sad, very sad.


Folks, this is nothing new. Amazon is simply rolling out better reporting for greater visibility. Again, replacement orders are nothing new. This extra visibility will allow the merchant to find the order by searching the LPN, which previously was not possible.


How do I enroll for the automatic replacement?


This is worse than order -> manage order.
In, FBA return , there’s no order / refund information, only item’s status.
You can only check about the item had been returned is in your inventory or could be reimbursed.

IDK why Amazon do not permit to download report from manage order.


What products sell well for you?


Did you expect anything Amazon changes or implements on sellers would be good?

At least they stay consistent wish we could say that regarding our sales


My issue with the “free replacement” mechanism is why Amazon customer service reps give away items that are not eligible for return. You’re essentially taking money from me twice. If an item cannot be returned by the customer, why would you then go ahead and give said customer several more of the same item or even another one of the same item for free?


Maybe I don’t understand the greater visibility…
I use the following:
seller central/inventory planning/manage FBA returns…
All the info is there with colors that show the status of the return/reimbursement…
very easy…


so custoemrs will return thinking they may get a free item, if their item doesnt qualify (im sure i as the maker and seller of this product have zero input on what this means than ) they will get charged. who will they blame?


Why is it important ?
Even with the “older” system you get the LPN…
In my eyes, it’s rarely usefull.


Free replacements only makes sense if Amazon starts addressing the excessive buyer fraud in the marketplace. Still we lack even the basic capabilities to block abusive buyers from repeatedly ripping us off, which would be useful since Amazon appears unwilling to tackle abusive buyers. Additionally, Amazon needs to do a better job at evaluating returns instead of simply refunding buyers for any garbage they send back.


Amazon employees can’t be experts on each item sold.
When we get “garbage”, or wrong items, we open a case , include photos, etc…


While I see the benefits of this, I am more interested in:

  • how does Amazon plan to reduce the manipulation of the return reason process, that allows customers to get free product & even excessive concession credits (at worst) and free return shipping (at the least), both of which cost the seller?

  • the new auto reimbursement feature does not allow Seller Support to assess a situation for the facts and make a call on whether or not the sellers are due a reimbursement

  • why all returns are being marked as “customer damaged” when many are very clearly shipping damage or warehouse damage, and so the seller is out all the costs and not eligible for reimbursements. I’ve had customers send photos of products arriving destroyed only to have Seller Support tell me that it’s customer damage or a defective item and therefore our cost.

The first point above is clearly an ongoing issue for years. The 2nd and 3rd point are issues that are getting more frequent and becoming very costly.


Totally agree… I am a seller/buyer. I called Amazon the other day regarding a product that I purchased. 5 out of the 12 items had a manufacturing defect. The second I called, the Amazon rep asking me “do you want a refund”? He didn’t bother find out about what the issue was… No wonder, there are so many returns and refunds being issued… I wasn’t even expecting a refund… These reps just love offering refunds/returns. If it was there $$, things would be handle completely different.