Free Shipping Promotion Deprecation


Free Shipping Promotions will no longer be supported starting January 13th, 2020. Please make any necessary edits to your Free Shipping Promotions in Advertising Promotions prior to this date. On January 13th, 2020, all Pending and Active Free Shipping Promotions will be terminated by having their status automatically updated to Expired and the Free Shipping promotion type will be removed from the Create a Promotion page in Seller Central.

If you would like to provide free shipping for customers, you can set this up by going to the Shipping Settings within the Settings tab.

We value your feedback on our Promotional tools. You can provide feedback using the Feedback footer in Advertising > Manage Promotions.

Social media promotion question

What’s the rationale for this? We offer free shipping over $35, and you can’t do this with shipping settings.


Oddly enough, even Amazon uses this promotional setting in their listings, where orders over $25 include free shipping. It does seem odd removing this feature.


I wish they’d get rid of the free shipping hoax all together. We all know there’s no such thing as free shipping. You can either buy an item for $10 with free shipping or buy the same item for $5 plus $5 for shipping. Personally I prefer buying from a seller who’s charging $5 for the item and $5 for shipping, since in my opinion if they’re trying to con me by telling me I’m getting free shipping, what other shady information is included in the item description.


Definitely, and surprising how people fall for this. But, $5 + $5 with real free shipping over $25 or more is only fair to customers that place larger orders.


Another attempt by Amazon to screw everyone but themselves. I’m moving all my products to other platforms. I make my own products and no one will be allowed to sell on Amazon. They violate their own policies all the time but attack us who make up more than half of their sales. We should all boycott Amazon. Get some guts people.



The ability to offer free shipping over a certain amount was beneficial to us and our customers. Sorry customers, Amazon decided to no help us out.

It is, well was, a great way to get customers to buy MORE items, making more money for us and Amazon.


Can someone from Amazon please add some additional rationale regarding this decision? Allowing 3rd party sellers to increase AOV with no additional cost to Amazon just makes sense. It’s a win-win-win feature for sellers, customers and most importantly, Amazon. Removing this feature which increases customer satisfaction and profits for sellers and Amazon does not make any sense. Please explain.


Yes, you can. We do this with purchases over $50 through the shipping settings. Have to set one price band for $0-$49.99 at one shipping cost then free shipping for $50+ orders under a second price band.

It sounds like this changes doesn’t affect that. It appears worded more towards sellers who temporarily offer free shipping as a promotion.


Maybe, but the customer wouldn’t know that could add an item and get free shipping. The whole point of a free shipping promotion with a threshold is to incentivize customers to place larger orders.


Never thought about doing it that way. We always used the promotion tool. Sounds like your way would work. But, as paulnc1 later states, it wouldn’t show up where the customer would see it in search results. We also put it in our bullet points, so we’d have to hope they click on our search results.


That’s not allowed.


Well, that makes things even worse!


I’m never for removing options, but I’ve always built shipping into my price on this platform because it’s the model that works best here. Strangely I can sell something at $24.99 with “free shipping” easier than I can sell $15.58 + Shipping cost of $5.12 … Actual case study. I don’t get it…but it is what it is.


As a buyer and I have a choice between the seller with a $10 + free shipping item and a seller with the same item but at $5 + $5 shipping I am always going to choose the free shipping option. I do this because I know if I need to return the item I will get $10 back and not $5 (not including the return shipping expense). You can not charge a buyer the original shipping cost upon return if you have free shipping. So as a buyer of a single item that is an advantage to me. The disadvantage is when purchasing multiple items you will essentially be paying single item shipping cost for each item regardless of quantity. This is an advantage swinging in the sellers favor.

Most know that free shipping is never free so they aren’t being “conned” into anything. There are advantages and disadvantages to both depending on if you are the buyer or seller and your return policy or the policy of the platform you sell on.


This new policy makes NO SENSE! Amazon has been pushing free shipping for YEARS, and everyone knows if you don’t offer free shipping on this site, your sales will tank! Customers on this site want to feel like they’re paying more for a quality item without the burden of paying for shipping. I agree with those who say it’s an illusion because it is, but it’s the best way to sell your items on Amazon, so you have to play these stupid tricks in order to pacify customers into believing they’re NOT paying for shipping. And now Amazon is removing this option? Why? All it’s going to do is reduce the sales of Third Party Sellers who make up 40% of Amazon’s business! So, I would appreciate an explanation from a representative at Amazon, or I will simply move my items to anther site like so many sellers who’ve already closed their shops because of Amazon’s contradictory policies.


Discounting is a drug, and eCommerce & Retail have collectively shot themselves in the foot. Consumers are now fully hooked on Free Shipping. Even off-amazon.



I wonder if this is a precursor to a new policy requiring ALL sellers to offer free shipping or at least pressure sellers to offer it up front since the promotion approach will no longer be available.


If you consider free shipping a “con”, you’re certainly in the minority. Yes, it is technically true that it just gets added to the cost of the item, but how many billion dollar e-commerce sites have pulled off this great scam? Every single one. Ever.


This seems like an issue that sellers should’ve been able to vote on because it affects them directly.
This might make sense for Amazon monetarily in the short term, but it hurts the seller- especially people who have huge inventories. Not only do they have to potentially change settings for their inventory (which might be a lot of work depending on the setup on Amazon’s end and/or the seller’s end) but it ruins a seller culture that shouldn’t be touched.

Maybe you keep the shipping “discount” the same and never increase it, but to remove it completely at this point is ludicrous.