FBA Products in stock soon? Make them available now


With the new In-Stock Head Start pilot program, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will make your temporarily out-of-stock products available for customers to find and buy when your shipment is on its way and we are confident about its arrival date. Customers will benefit from a wider selection of products, and you could see increased traffic to your product detail pages, higher or more consistent sales, and better inventory productivity. Visit the pilot program page to learn more and enroll.

Manage Inventory Page - Say's Available But Really Back-Ordered!

Does this mean they get priority during receiving? As there are many posts from sellers about FBA items taking weeks to get checked in once it has already arrived.


Prioritized receiving seems like it would be a necessity, but it also seems like it would eventually get abused. Why send your products to FBA in the normal manner if the Head Start program guarantees that you’ll get them checked in faster?


I peeked at the details, it looks like it’s just a way to use their shipping.
They’ve seen the $$$$ in the shipping business :drooling_face:

if you send it to the fulfillment center using Amazon Carrier Central, the Partnered Carrier program (PCP), or Amazon Global Logistics.


You guys cant guarantee anything!

You will make more return for us, seller that buyers will complaint they did not receive the product in time.


@organichon Jesh, then do not opt into the program. Then you do not need to worry.


Does this only apply to items that are marked as “inbound” to a fulfillment center? Or, will this let customers order items that are out of stock, not inbound to a fulfillment center, that we don’t intend to restock but Amazon wants us to restock? I’m guessing the former will be the most sensible but just making sure as this could be very beneficial to us.


“With the new In-Stock Head Start pilot program, customers can find and buy your temporarily out-of-stock products when your shipment is on its way to the fulfillment center.”

This is the first line of the enrollment page.



Did I miss fees? Or it didn’t get mentioned?


I am going to give it a try
We have been behind since early June and just cant get ahead on replenishment hopefully this helps with that 1-2 week gap and the check in time


" Note: During this pilot phase, In-Stock Head Start items will appear in Seller Central tools and reports as both Available and Inbound . Because of this, you would need to manage inventory reconciliation outside of Seller Central reporting. Your fees and Inventory Performance Index score will not be affected."


This seems like a good program for FBA sellers… Are there any drawbacks that I missed? (Extra fees, no buy box consideration etc)


Why would you not enroll it there is nothing to lose, In-Stock Head Start pilot program helps you in case if you run out of stock for couple days


I didn’t see fees get mentioned, which is my biggest concern.


That sounds great. Nothing to lose to try in my opinion. Thanks for replying


This is the only negative I saw, I do not think it is that big a deal.

Amazon often does this on it’s own stock. They do it on ours too, once the items are checked in. “Available on XX/ZZ order now.” This will just add a few days to that estimate and show the item will be in stock soon. They will start the clock when the product leaves our dock, not when it arrives and is received at Amazon.

Programs we have beta tested for have always worked out well for us. I expect this one to work well too.


I guess it’s as soon as you completed the shipment in seller central even though it might not ship as soon as it’s marked as “shipped” - For instance, in our particular case, our warehouse team would get the shipment ready and bring me back the paperwork. I would then print out the shipping labels for our shipments and if small parcel, they would typically ship at the end of the day or next day but if it’s freight, it can be a week later


This is not new. They’ve been doing this for FBA sellers for a long time. Maybe it’s the first time FBA sellers can opt into this but Amazon has been offering buyers backordered items headed to an FBA warehouse for as long as I remember.


I am not sure which type of shipments are excluded?


I think my concern with enrolling would be if they would change the destinations for our shipments. Right now most of our FBA shipments go to a warehouse in our state. If they want to make the item available for the customer faster are they going to require us to break apart our case packs and ship them all over the US? That could cost a lot more.