Enabling Refund at First Scan (RFS) for seller-fulfilled returns


As part of our effort to offer a seamless and convenient return experience for both sellers and customers, we are introducing the Refund at First Scan (RFS) feature to all sellers who use the Prepaid Return Label program starting May 4, 2021. Products returned through Amazon’s Prepaid Return Label program will automatically be eligible for RFS. This mandatory feature is new for seller-fulfilled items and already required for sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon.

With RFS, you will no longer need to rush to process a refund within the two business day SLA. Customers will receive a refund after the first carrier scan when they drop-off or ship back their return using an Amazon prepaid return label. You will continue to be notified about refunds by Amazon notification emails for all refunds processed with RFS.

Amazon’s return and refund policies will apply to refund amount calculations for RFS eligible orders. Refunds issued through RFS will be eligible for SAFE-T reimbursements, if you receive a damaged or materially different return due to customer fault.

To learn more about RFS, go to Refund at First Scan for seller-fulfilled returns.

Seller be Aware! Amazon will become a free rental center
Empty envelope return fruad + modified UPS return labels + Denied SAFE-T Claims
Customer filed a wrongful a to z claim and amazon gave him $1890 and my machine
Seller be Aware! Amazon will become a free rental center
It's amazon clear with return policy
Seller be Aware! Amazon will become a free rental center
Refund at First Scan (RFS) for seller-fulfilled returns
This is what I LOVE to wake up to in the morning. Email on Auto enrollment into the Prepaid Returns Label Program


Thank you for including this piece of policy and information–it is helpful–but “eligible for reimbursement” is not the same as “will definitely receive full reimbursement.” :grimacing:

And any RFS reimbursement will surely be issued on Amazon’s timeline, versus the convenience of the Seller only refunding upon receipt and inspection …and only after successfully navigating the automated Spanish Inquisition SAFE-T process.


Customers already take advantage of the Amazon return policy, this is just going to make it easier for scammers to get OUR MONEY QUICKER. And almost every Safe-T Claim I filed was denied, not a fan of this new feature


Thank you for making this update. It is important for Amazon’s customers to receive the same level of service from merchants fulfilling orders that they have come to expect from FBA merchants.


Your right it is.

That’s why I expect Amazon to do the same thing to all FBA returns, Including but not limited to Returns to Amazon Locker, Returns to UPS stores, and Returns to Kohls. All of those currently do not have refund on first scans enabled, the customer needs to wait until the item is scanned at an Amazon owned warehouse.


Speaking as a Buyer, Amazon’s FBA return/refund process has become very inconsistent–no matter the Merchant. :woman_shrugging:

At this point, we only purchase FBA items shipped and sold by Amazon, for this reason.


oh for crying out loud now the scammers will get their money before we even know what they actually send back and some of the smart scammers will contact UPS/USPS and say i changed my mind please return back to me. then we have to jump thru hoops to file an SAFE-T claim WOW!!!


Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no


So there goes our ability to claim restocking fees when we should always be able to for high priced items. Every single Safe-T claim will be denied, why even bother including that.


Next you’ll just not require returns at all, someone can just say “I don’t like it” and you’ll throw them money. God I wish a serious competitor would come along. Why do you poll us if you don’t seriously consider the results of the poll? Why bother asking if we view Amazon as a partner, how could we when our concerns are so carelessly ignored? I view Amazon as a necessary part of selling online becasue there is no serious competition to it, and Amazon knows it. . .but I assure you if there was another site that brought me even half the sales Amazon did without Amazon’s insane daily changing harmful to small business seller policies, I’d put my focus there in a heart beat.


It will become mandatory so we better be prepared. Most customers are honest but those dishonest ones can ruin your week. And we all know how Safe-t claims are handled based on our A to Z experience with Amazon shipping.


So customers can send back a different item, a damaged item or a bag of rocks and we won’t be able to charge a restocking fee and the Safe-T claim will be denied. So exciting! Keep making that experience better Amazon!


@M_L_H That’s not true, I get refunded as soon as Igive my items to Kohl’s - every single time.


From a process stand point I have no issue with this, it will actually make things flow smoother on our end. We don’t really have an issue with people and returning wrong or damaged items.

Our biggest problem is the reason code abuse


Sadly I find most customer are dishonest. Almost all of my returns have bogus “Seller Faulted” return reasons. 80%+ of all of my returns have lies for the return reason to get free shipping.


I wonder if Amazon is going to give the customer the outgoing shipping fees if they lie as well? The one time that Amazon refunded a customer instead of me for a return, they refunded the customer the outgoing shipping cost and then refused to give it back in the SAFE-T claim. If they are going to be doing that, I will definitely need to raise prices to cover it.


April fools lol o wait …


Dear Amazon

You are contributing to flat out theft from sellers.

We know you do not care about us and this reinforces it

The amount of loss from your unreasonable return policy is out of control.


Since Amazon will be refunding buyers with the RFS policy, sellers will no longer have to wait days, weeks, etc. for the auto-refund to occur so that orders will be eligible for a SAFE-T claim. This will cost Amazon a lot of money, while burying them in SAFE-T claims, and I’m curious to see how Amazon weasels out of this one to shift losses back onto sellers…


Amazon is going to get inundated with Safe-T claims. If they haven’t already prepared nearly impossible standards for winning a Safe-T claim, they will within days or weeks of the implementation of this disaster.