Does Anyone have delays in shipments from China?


Hey people,

Title says it all, could someone affected share their experience? Im like 3 weeks behind my usual shipments.

Coronavirus pusjing back product delivery date

Thank you. I am aware of situation. And wasn’t discussing shut down. Just of curiosity if someone is affected?


There was a recent announcement regarding this:

Yes, other Sellers are affected. What exactly do you want to hear?


Apple is affected. They just lowered their guidance.

Indirect measures, like air pollution measurements show China is not operating.


How do sellers deal with it?


A few of our items come from China and we are utilizing our second and third suppliers to refill our stock. This is costing us a decent percentage more however, I would rather have the products and make something then not have it and make nothing.

Bottom line for us, both the owner and I were prior military and we have contingencies built for everything.


Well, im not looking for a particular answer. Im just trying to start a discussion Maybe we can help each other if someone is facing any issues.


These are some possible strategies:

  • Adjust listing quantities
  • Adjust restock dates through Manage Inventory
  • Cancel Subscribe and Save orders
  • Put the Store on vacation
  • Arrange for alternative suppliers (ETA: as @wfd878 described upthread)
  • Add other products that don’t ship from China temporarily


We should use your shipper so we can still be 3 weeks behind? I’m confused. Your shipments are 3 weeks behind but you want to share with others?


Well, dont get confused, im not offering here any services. I started the thread just to find out whether people are affected and if so for how long.
I am not offering to use my shipper. I was just trying to be helpful, that’s all. Thanks


Our shipper is DHL, we have checked with our rep. They indicate all operations for them are normal.

Sort Of

  • They are only flying into Hong Kong
  • They are doing a fast turn
  • All personnel are staying on the aircraft


Im relatively new in this, been doing it for 2 years. So if you going directly with DHL, are you taking care of any import duties yourself?


There’s quite a bit of mis-information going on here, but these are the facts:

  • There are plenty of provinces producing goods, the country is not shut down.
  • Most (if not all) seaports in China are online, and the FCL rates are fantastic due to lowered demand.
  • Don’t use DHL unless you don’t care about your margins. If you need a FF, ping me.


What mis-information, please?

I mean, that doesn’t usually start until about post 20, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This should suffice.


I was told factories will remain closed until March. But of course thats only if the virus gets contained, which they are not close to doing as of now.


I was told that they would re-open in February originally and now there is no ETA at all. I would suggest everyone prepare for at minimum 2-3 months delay at best.


we have orders sitting waiting for production. The first order had a ETA ready date originally of 03/25.

Now they have no idea. Said maybe May if everything goes good. They have no employees, even if employees start to return, they have to be quarantined for 14 days.

And… could get worse.


YES. The worst part is that the communist chinese government doesn’t want their people talking in email about Corona Virus and other things the government is doing. So, it’s hard to get a direct answer. But, yes, expect delays. It’s not good. Could set back weeks to months


Yes, I was told Feb 10. Now it’s Feb 24th. It could be March or April at this rate. My suppliers arent even allowed to enter their office buildings