Create engaging email campaigns with themed templates in ‘Customer Engagement’ (beta) tool


The Customer Engagement tool empowers brand owners registered in Brand Registry to engage with their Amazon followers through email. Brands with 1000 or more followers on Amazon Store will have the best experience when using this tool. However, this tool is accessible to all brands with followers.

You can now create themed email campaigns within the Customer Engagement tool. Multiple holiday banners are available with new templates being launched monthly. With these themed templates, you can suggest gifts for upcoming holidays, New Year resolutions, travel adventures, game day, and other occasions.

Start an email campaign easily in Customer Engagement (beta) tool by choosing the theme that you would like to run from the Select event type drop down menu. Select your themed banner in “Email Settings,” and then set up your campaign the same way you normally would. For step-by-step instructions on setting up an email campaign, go to Manage Your Customer Engagement page. To review your email before submitting your campaign, click the new Preview option next to Start Campaign.

Go to Customer Engagement (beta) tool to create your campaign today.


Is this beta feature something you have to be opted or invited in to use?


I think you just have to be a brand registered with them, and its one of the extra features you get access to. Just make sure to plan ahead about 2 weeks to schedule your campaign.


So now Amazon wants us to contact customers?

What if the buyer has OPTED-OUT of notifications, do they still receive this?


Definitely needs more information from Amazon for sure. I do think the customers that they reach out to with the e-mail campaigns are only restricted to ones that choose to follow your Brand, so sellers with Amazon Storefront (and Posts) would likely be the base requirement.

Seems like they released the super Beta version much earlier last year, as I found this guide from JungleScout about it back in 2021:
How to Use the Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

I think I may have also read somewhere that brands with 1000+ followers get more creative leverage with their Amazon e-mail campaigns. The Customer Engagement Tool on my end looks extremely bare bones…

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Yeah I’m not sure, I think it’s still invite-only to a degree.

We have multiple brands registered a lot of which we are the brand owners of but we don’t have access.


While I have not checked the “Tool” out, I do wonder, is it intended to send mailings to our customers, or to Amazon’s Customers?

As in they want us to use our double opt in email list to do this marketing, or they will allow us to send emails through the Amazon environment to those hidden email addresses.

We have helped on Amazon Beta projects in the past and happy to do so now. However, we do need further information.


I’m not sure that I understand what is going on here. Is Amazon enabling spammers?

Apparently the customer has to ‘opt in’ to recive these emails. Does this mean that the customer opts in for each seller that he is willing to receive mail from? Or does the customer opt in to all marketing emails from any seller at one go?

And most importantly, what is the default here? Does a customer start ‘out’, and have to opt in? Or do they start ‘in’?

How, exactly, does a customer become a ‘follower’? And when they do become a follower, what - if anything - are they told about the change in their candidacy for receiving email?


Call me a pessimist, but I’m waiting this out. Sounds like a trap. As a customer, knowing my account price increased and all of a sudden I’m getting spam from everywhere, even if I started auto opt-in I’d be opting out immediately. My experience in survey marketing leads me to believe that’s where that 1000 customers number comes from. On the seller side even more concerns.


I’m wondering how many brands here actually have 1,000 followers… Probably a pretty select group IMO.

Buyers don’t leave feedback or reviews anymore. The odds of them clicking follow (if they actually navigate to the store to potentially do it) are low.

Of course Amazon knows how many sellers would qualify so I guess my guesstimate is low if this is being rolled out…


more dumb stuff from amazon. Brands can talk to the customer if they have enough. lol… but only then. What a joke .


What’s the best way to get followers on Amazon?


That was EXACTLY my thought. Not 6 months ago they were suspending sellers for too much customer contact.


Watch their webinars they have them pretty consistently and they’ll show you the ropes as a beginner. But to put it simply focus on lifestyle engaging images that tell a story about your brand with minimal text on the main image. You can only have access to this Amazon Posts tool as a registered brand. We started this process when it was in the beta form and now we have grown our follower count pretty decently over the year I believe.

Hope that helps.


Our page still says “something cool is on the way” we are Brand registered, have followers and a store. Is this still being rolled out?


I’m assuming this is for FBA only? Would be nice if FBM could join but I won’t get my hopes up…


Yes, it is, as is highlighted by the exchanges in this thread from Jun`21:


I see nothing to suggest this is FBA only.



So for many years you’ve been telling us that we can’t email customers and now you’re saying it’s ok?.. :thinking:


The kicker is you have to be brand registered and it works best if you have 1000 followers or more.

Why don’t you just come out and say, 'We don’t want you if you’re a small business, we only want the big boys on here?

What what ever happend to the ‘level playing field’ that you used to make a big deal about?


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