COVID-19: Quantity limits removed for shipments to Amazon


Over the last few months, we have made several temporary adjustments to our operations due to COVID-19. We continue to adhere to extensive health and safety measures and have made more than 150 process updates to protect our associates as they pick, pack, and ship products to customers. Learn more about those efforts.

Since May 9, 2020, we have removed quantity limits on products you can send to our fulfillment centers, and we continue to improve on customer promises and delivery speeds across our store.

To help you restore inventory levels, we encourage you to check the Restock Inventory page and the Restock report to view the latest recommended replenishment quantities and dates for your products. Our recommendations help to minimize out-of-stock or low-stock situations by taking into account demand forecasts and the product-level information you provide.

To help you ship products from China directly to our fulfillment centers in the US, we have added new and more frequent flight options for you to select through Global Shipping Services. Learn more about the offerings from Global Shipping Services.

For answers to frequently asked questions, visit COVID-19: Update on quantity limits and restock recommendations.

Thank you for participating in FBA.

Confused with inventory storage limit & Amazon's recent statement

Too bad that now we are free to send in full quantities of products our local FC (AVP1) is a complete mess. Incoming packages sit undelivered or non checked in for days on end. Seller support us useless in supplying helpful information. All we can do is sit and wait until this facility gets it act together again.


Our inbound shipments are not being checked in. Past one week already.


My problem is 20 packages are lost going to AVP1. CS useless. UPS useless. No one wants to help. Just keep passing the buck.


AVP1 is a black hole. No one knows what’s going on. Sellers treated like cr**. Going on nearly 2 weeks of this. Moderators won’t weigh in either.


I preferred AVP2 over the original.


Your efforts are appreciated.

In order to serve us better consider updating sellers on the status of
your fulfillment centers regarding receiving products sent to FBA.

Like many sellers, we have packages that have been delivered to
fulfillment centers that have had no receiving activity for 3-4 weeks.

The following statement may incur criticism but perhaps you should
not be encouraging sellers to send more inventory into FBA until
you are capable of receiving the product you already have had for weeks.

If you are buried in an avalanche…
the last thing you need is more snow.


It was great for awhile. They got our stuff check in quickly. But I guess the Chinese are inundating them with stuff now and it is taking a lot longer to get it received. We are back to filling in house.


Agree with what others have said - I’ve got a lot of shipments sitting delivered at AVP1 with no activity for at least a week. I’ve got hundreds more items I was planning to ship in but don’t want to send them into a black hole. Please update us on what’s going on.


We finally got some help from an UPS store. The packages are finally on the move again.


Welcome back China. It was nice, Amazon actually stopped looking like the local dollar store for a while.


Accept now we’re restricting your quantities again, but more significantly, Thanks Amazon, I have a product that has a recommended replenishment quantity double that of what you’re allowing me to send in… So much for limits…


It takes most of our goods TWO months to reach FBA warehouses. There’s even longer delay recently due to COVID-19. YES, I am talking about Amazon logistic. Air? Too expensive, can’t be all using Air. .

My point is with the COVID delay it’s almost impossible to maintain IPI=500 due to shipping delay. (Yes, they are all hot stuffs that will be sold out in a week after they’re put in shelves.) My stuffs should come last week (under normal situation) but not yet due to the delays. Some have been sitting in the port for 2 weeks. Check this Amazon Logistic tracking.


:disappointed_relieved: The COVID-19 hits delivery time up to 50% longer. Please show some leniency. Thanks


15 days already for mine… and counting…

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