COVID-19: FBA storage fee waiver


COVID-19 has impacted millions of people and businesses around the world. We thank you for your understanding as we have focused on providing a vital service by delivering high priority items to customers, while implementing extensive health and safety measures for our employees across the network to support their well-being.

In light of the evolving COVID-19 crisis, we will waive two weeks of your inventory storage fees for products stored in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

This is in addition to the previously announced updates including:

  • Waiving the April 15 long-term storage fees for inventory stored in the US and Europe.
  • Pausing repayments and interest until April 30 for sellers with direct loans from Amazon Lending.
  • Waiving April fees for those using Seller Account Management or the Launchpad program.

We are also making policy adjustments to proactively mitigate the impact of the crisis on the health of your Amazon seller account and you can now use the updated Restock Inventory page and Restock report to check which products are eligible for shipment creation.

We are committed to helping our selling partners during the crisis. As the pandemic continues, we will continue to evaluate the situation and work to reduce the impact on our selling partners, while meeting the essential needs of our customers and protecting the health and safety of our associates.

We are inspired to see many of you providing high priority health and household products to people around the world, especially the elderly and most vulnerable. We are working directly with some of you to get medical supplies to healthcare providers, first responders, and government agencies. In addition, many sellers are making donations and contributions to their communities on their own, such as the glassware company making hand sanitizer or the sleep pillow seller donating thousands of pairs of compression socks to healthcare workers. Amazon selling partners are helping meet peoples' critical needs in this unprecedented time.

Thank you for your partnership.




I bet everyone who was whining that big bad meany Amazon wasn’t waving enough of their fees over the past week or so feels really dumb now lol.


I asked them. They responded:

We are working diligently to account for this change in your IPI score and in storage limits for the following quarter.

Let’s not worry. Let’s thope all the viruses are dead soon. :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Great! How about IPI?


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I asked. They said:

We are working diligently to account for this change in your IPI score and in storage limits for the following quarter.

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This is such a blessing, and from the very bottom of my heart I thank you!


While this is a nice gesture, this is hardly enough to offset the slowdown and disruption to businesses impacted by the policy changes. We just received an email from a customer who can not get one of our key items if ordered today until April 20th. We are losing business as items which are Prime designated no longer meet Prime Consumer Expectation. This shipment delay is three weeks on top of the two weeks since the first policy change to prioritize products was implemented. Amazon has made public announcements of huge increases in business. A quick scroll of Best Sellers reflects top selling items which are far from basic essentials needed in this crisis and those items are mostly sold by Amazon. While one can understand a refocus of operations, the cost to the refocus or burden of the shift should be born by Amazon as Amazon is the beneficiary. Our Suggestion is to use these policy decisions to substantiate losses and apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Loan Advance.


Thank you so much for all the concessions. Amazon is not perfect but has been a great blessing to me and my family. Sending good vibes to my fellow sellers out there.

We shall rise above this pandemic and emerge even greater on the other side. Blessings to you all.


What two week period are we talking about here? Is this for the past two weeks or the upcoming two weeks?


AZ has a lot of issues now…


I was wondering the same. It would be less confusing had they said ‘we will waive 50% of next month’s storage fees’, though 50% will result in slightly more than 2 weeks…


Actually I just looked at the email they sent out and they mention two weeks in March. Without any further clarity, I would assume they mean the final two weeks in March, or March 18-March 31. That is unless they are talking about the last two calendar weeks in March, or March 15-28.


have to agree.


same here. 2 weeks of storage when we were unable to send in inventory so FBA stock is low anyways. How about letting us sell again and not have 2 week delays on shipping FBA products. How about not deleting listings via bot without looking deeper at the product history, our history as a seller and product reviews? I could go on, but I don’t want this to turn into a rant. :wink:


Do you understand that if you were selling in a mall, your shop would probably be closed ? At least you can sell a bit.


Got bread delivered today. The local supermarket that was still delivering within a reasonable amount of time had none. Coffee and shelf stable milk and a whole bunch of necessaries coming to my front door now, not in 2 weeks (if then). Because of Amazon. At this point, Amazon is probably the only reliable source for much of what I need. Just thought I’d throw that into the discussion.

So thanks Amazon and heartfelt thanks to those working to keep the supplies moving.


Amazon is going to do whatever they can to keep their names out of the newspapers!

With workers now walking off jobs in their warehouses, price gauging sellers, up to 2 week deliveries with prime etc… Amazon’s name has not been so good lately.

They are losing sales to competitors that have kept their names in a positive status since this all started. Not good for Amazon.

They just opted to waive loan payments which most companies had implemented weeks ago.

Maybe they are realizing after all that for a Company who thought they were untouchable it took a virus for them to start thinking otherwise


Please also consider removing any negative impact on our FBA sell-through rating.