Buy Shipping Services are currently not available, please try again later


I keep getting this message… all morning. “Buy Shipping Services are currently not available, please try again later.” I cant buy a label or enter a tracking number. This has been all morning! PLEASE HELP!


We can print labels but the reprint and refund options are gone.


Same here!
Same problem for the third time within the last few days!
The lack of response form Amazon is beyond frustrating.


How do get a shipment out then? I will lose my PRIME Status if I cant create a label or enter a tracking number


“No carriers are currently available for your shipment. Please wait 15 minutes and try again.” is What I get when trying to buy shipping label :persevere::persevere:


The option to buy shipping labels on UPS, FedEx and USPS is always valid and you can use the tracking number to confirm shipment. However, by doing that you miss out on Amazon protection and shipping discount. It is a toss!


same here…“buy shipping is unavailable please try again later” I am documenting everything just in case they try to take away our prime badge later because we shipped out products another way to make sure the customers receive there packages in time. Tried in different browser and it is a pain trying to contact support.


You’re in trouble if you have Prime shipments to go out. :frowning:

I have one pending. Just hoping it gets fixed in the next few hours. Or I’ll have to sit around the shop hoping it gets fixed before 8PM tonight.


Hello Sellers,

We just posted a banner. We are aware and working to correct it.



With all the fees they charge us each month this stuff should never be happening. Then if we are late they treat us like it is our fault. Zillion dollar company run by a guy who probably has no idea how to even log onto his own company.


99%(something like that) of your prime orders have to be shipped out through Amamzon. So if you ship it yourself or wait until the next day to ship either way they will try and take away your prime. I would say document everything to show why you chose to do whatever you decide and make sure it is in the best interest of the customer.


Do you have a ETA for this. We have Amazon shipping pick up coming in 2 hours and we need to print 900 orders !


Let’s go Susan! Prime scorecards, Seller fulfilled prime trials, Overall customer satisfaction… ALOT AT PLAY HERE… SUSANNNNN!!!

I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say we’re absolutely mashing on the refresh button until it’s up and running.


This happens several times a week lately. I would say check with their customer service online chat team but oh wait Amazon eliminated that…you could call their 800 number but oh wait their support team is out sourced overseas and you basically need a translator to decipher what they are saying. Crushing it with your loyal sellers here Amazon


Thank you, I am going to use my shippo account to get these orders out today.


Yes. We tried reporting a buy shipping glitch yesterday, and all we could find was returns/refunds in help, and the message that it may take 4 days to get a response. 4 days for buy shipping would kill us.


You have totally lost the entire point of the thread… The option create a label, to enter shipping measurements and weight isn’t available… nor can I enter tracking is NOT available.


read the thread …possible solutions are given…Also amazon posted they are working on the problem.


How does this effect SFP sellers who need to use Amazon Buy Shipping and need are required to ship by today.


Entering tracking number, carriers, and shipping services are available, at least on my side. However, creating labels and entering measurement are not. What I meant earlier is to buy the shipping labels on those companies website!

Maybe worth taking a second look on your side.

P.S. I don’t have prime orders nor do I ship FBA!