Buy Box Glitch Starting July? Professional Insight Requested


I am seeing multiple sellers mention a possible glitch in the buy box starting July 1 & 2. This has resulted in a large drop in sales (this isn’t specifically tied to July 4th weekend since there are some common issues we are all noticing). Here are the common issues for some of us…

  1. Overnight on 7/1 and 7/2, majority of buy boxes on FBA items were lost (even if the item is the lowest price). I know that the buy box isn’t based solely on lowest price…but it isn’t a coincidence that the all buy box that were previously held then shifted away from multiple sellers all at the same time on all different items.

  2. Additionally, the “buy box wins” widget has changed from a number percentage to a dash. See below. When the buy box was held on all the items, it would always how a number percentage. Anyone else seeing this?


From a metrics and feedback perspective, no changes or negative impacts have happened recently to explain this buy box change. Hence why, there is a belief that the buy box might have a glitch or is being worked on.

Any insight on this? Anyone else feeling this? And could Amazon forum support step in and provide an update on if this a known issue?

Thank you all.

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I am seeing the change in the buy box percentage on my dashboard but if I click on the little arrow, it shows me my percentage for each marketplace. It is crappy UX/UI but the metric is still there.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had great sales the last few days, especially the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

I don’t actually care if I have the buy box or not. I focus on my margins, not on being the lowest priced. If the margin is wrong, then I will be patient until the price gets to where it needs to be for me to get the margin I want.


It’s interesting. If I click that arrow, I have a percentage number for the 30 days ago column…but a dash for the 2 days ago column. :thinking:


Just looked again and notice that I do too today.

As I mentioned, I don’t care about that metric. I am focussing my energy on insuring that my listings are accurate and well optimized.

I have repeat buyers that will pay more to buy from me because they know that they are getting exactly what they have been promised.


The same thing happened to me. From July 2nd till now, I lost buy box for all my products.
It suddenly dropped to zero. I have not gotten any sales since that time. This is not good. Amazon should do something about it.


I noticed the drop in buy box sharing about two days ago. I am an FBA seller. After an analysis of my listings that no longer get the buy box, I have concluded that Amazon is giving more of a preference towards sellers with a higher number of customer feedback. The percent positive feedback seems to not matter as much, but the number of customer feedback is important. So for example I have 99% positive feedback with about 167 reviews as a seller. However if another seller has 95% positive feedback but 1000 reviews, then that seller will get the buy box over me. I have noticed that I will basically get 0% buy box rotation if I match a seller who has significantly more reviews that I do. This is all a guess based on my analysis of which listings I no longer get the buy box on. I hope this is a glitch instead of an actual algorithm change. My solution has been to set my repricer to do aggressive price cutting using a price cycling / oscillating style repricing rule. Undercutting by a few pennies still will not get me the buy box from this glitch on Amazon’s end (It previously did). Instead, I have been able to the buy box by cutting the price 1 to 2%. I still win over MF sellers by matching, however for any FBA seller who has a more established store than mine, I have to aggressively undercut that seller in order to get the buy box. Hopefully this get fixed soon by Amazon’s algorithm


I’m having the same issue. Called support and they just gave me the rundown of how my account is fine and that lots of factors control the buybox. Very scary


It happened to me since 7/1. The same glitch happened on 6/9 and took one week more back to normal. the question is why always me?


@wesnotwest09 This is very helpful. I have thought the same thing. I don’t have a huge amount of feedback. I think 250 total feedback at 95% positive. But I was wondering if that contributed to the change that happened in July. However I am always the lowest price which has always secured the buy box. But now, I may be a dollar below Amazon…but I don’t get the buy box anymore. :confused:

@NickPicks4U They gave me the same answer, but I am trying to escalate to a manager/supervisor for further investigation. I am using multiple forum posts to show that this isn’t just an isolated event. Maybe that will help. :thinking:

@ifanme the plot thickens! Any issues with metrics that would contribute to the reason? Or no?


Just thinking through everything I’ve been reading on the forums…it’s just a waiting game then for it to correct itself?


no, everything no change this time 7/1 and 6/9 one


Amazon manager/supervisor for further investigation this issue. This is too bad for business. I believe Amazon can do better than this.


Keep us updated on what you hear. Its so hard to get good help so keep us updated on what they say!


Gotta think positive. Amazon is massive. Helping bring an issue to their attention can help fix the issue or provide insight on how to adapt.


Some more thoughts…this issue seems to be only affecting FBA sales. My seller fulfilled orders are coming in every now and again just fine (slower probably because of the holiday weekend, but still coming in).


Im starting to see closer to average daily sales now. It just isn’t possible that my buybox % is truly 0. Look at your business reports and sales by ASIN. You’ll see sales but a 0% buybox on all items from july 2- today.


@NickPicks4U you’re saying your sales are back to normal now? How long did the dip last then overall?


July 2nd to today has been about 1/3 normal. Today I took a did a little test. I lowered my price to be the lowest on a product that sells extremely well. Sure enough, I then had the buybox and they started selling. I’m not saying this is what you should do but it doesn’t appear that I am only truly getting 0% buybox. Seems more like a glitch in reporting that happend right before an extremely slow sales weekend (July 4)


I’m going to try this on a few of my items. Just to see if that works as a temporary fix. Thanks for the tip!