Annual Developer Permissions Renewal for all MWS Authorizations


Going forward, the Amazon MWS authorizations that grant developer access to seller data will be subject to annual review and renewal by sellers. This replaces the previous opt-in option for seller confirmation of Amazon MWS developer authorizations.

Here are the features of the new annual access renewal program:

  • Authorization expiration dates will be set to one year from the initial authorization date.
  • Starting one month before the expiration date, sellers will receive weekly email reminders and Seller Central notifications to take action. Sellers are required to review their expiring developer authorization(s) in Seller Central, and either renew or revoke the authorizations. If sellers do not take action the authorization token will be deactivated on the expiration date.
  • When an authorization expires, the authorization token is deactivated but not invalidated. This means that a seller can renew an expired authorization which will reinstate the developer access. The developer will use the existing authorization token.
  • Seller renewal of an authorization resets the expiration date to one year from the date of renewal.
  • Sellers can renew or revoke a developer authorization in the Current Authorizations table in the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section of the User Permissions page of Seller Central. They may access this page at any time at Settings>User Permissions in Seller Central.

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