Amazon just refunded 103 transaction total of $37,000


I need someone to help me. This is a disaster. I am selling on amazon full time for 12 years and two hours ago Amazon just simply refunded the last 103 transaction, and refunded a total of $37,000 and the reason given was VCAC (refund reason). I just called Amazon and they have no clue about it and said it has to do with performance. I am very afraid and having a nervous breakdown. These orders are already shipped and delivered to customers. Please help. Thank you.

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This is regarding fraud. Were you having issues before this? Was your account compromised In some way? There is a thread from about 2 years ago that I found. While you wait for a veteran to chime in maybe do a forum search for VCAC


No, not at all. account was not compromised or anything. When I called, the rep acted like all were normal until i had to guide her to activity and she was surprised to see 103 transaction that was refunded in the last hour. This is very scary, and the rep said it has to be address to seller performance, and thats it. So far nothing…

We buy all our stocks from authorized dealer. Selling same items for 10 years on amazon on the same account.

Amazon holding my inventory for over 5 months

have you logged in on the same internet you always have?


Not much explanation there but there was this:

“I was told that VCAC means that it was done automatically by another department that investigates fraud.”

“VCAC is a fraud investigation department. I work in Seller Support, that’s as much as I can give you.”

“VCAC, Veteran Customer Account Compromise”

Dunno how much of that is true.

There are a few threads on this which you can find by Googling:


so I won’t list them all. Seems like they tend to be mass refunds. (Actually on further look I’m not so sure they do.)

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I see its a mass refund, but what should i do now? please help me.


Write to and explain your situation, clearly.

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The same has just happened to us - 199 orders refunded with the reason code “VCAC”.
These were all from our account. And now all these orders have disappeared from our account, we cannot find them when searching.
We have seen a lot of suspicious looking orders recently, and we have opened about 7-8 tickets with Seller Support to have them review the orders before we ship - in each case they have told us they are safe to ship, and that we need to ship them to avoid our Late or Cancel rates going high, resulting in a suspension. We have also spoken with Account Health who confirmed the best course of action was to keep shipping, to protect the health of our account.
We have just opened a ticket with Seller Support regarding these 199 orders, and the ticket has been transferred to their VCAC team who will be investigating and we should hear back within 24-48 hours.
We also emailed Seller Performance on two occasions, asking permission to cancel orders without an impact to our OCR but we did not hear back on those emails yet.
And what is worse, we still have almost 200 orders left to ship - if we cancel we may get suspended for a high OCR, if we delay shipping we will see a surge in our late shipping rate. And if we ship, we may end up with more chargebacks or VCAC refunds.
I will post any updates I get back from VCAC or Seller Support.


Do you guys have legacy accounts that allow daily disbursements? Also did you use aVPN to log in to your amazon seller central account?


I quit selling on when our bank deposit account’s last four digits was changed to “test.” There’s some real shady stuff going on behind the scenes in that marketplace, and I want nothing to do with them anymore…


Where did they get money to refund. Did they have your 37000 USD on hold? Or they just going to charge your account. If second you can easily prevent it until you clear with the refund reasons.


We get our disbursements every 14 days. And no, we do not log in via a VPN, we download all orders via the Amazon API, and when we need to access Seller Central we do this from a normal browser session.


Ok one more question, did you just start selling in a new category. For eg you were selling in electronics and computers. And suddenly you started selling in something like clothes. That might have tripped amazons system as well.


Nope, also not the case.
These 199 orders are for products we sell every day - all have shipped and delivered during the last 2 weeks.


@MemoryC VCAC uses a lot of machine learning. So if you started listing a LOT of items in an ENTIRELY new category, that could be an issue. I saw your storefront and you sell a lot of computer parts. Did you just add the backpack/ luggage stuff?


I am in the same exact situation as yours. 103 order was refunded for no reason. We are using this account just for selling for 10 years. How do i contact the VCAC? please help and keep me updated with your progress. Our account is negative now. I am very nervous.


No legacy account, we get the biweekly payment and no vpn.


Yes the account has the funds in it they took out all the funds and now its negative -7000


No new category. We sell mobile phone’s on this account for the last 10 years.