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Check status of your removal orders

by Seller_pG6OyvEvGSrFS

If you are currently awaiting removal orders from Amazon, you may wish to check the order details for them. We had a removal order that was listed as being in “shipping” status for weeks, and still is. I was thinking about opening a support ticket. I decided to check the order details first. Although the order still appears in the FBA Manage Orders page with status “shipping,” it actually shipped already (past tense) and was delivered to us earlier this week.

FYI, this was a routine removal of a tiny amount of unfulfillable inventory. It was not associated with any removal for LTSF and we have no removal orders like that in their queue.

Tags: Listings, Product removal
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In reply to: Seller_pG6OyvEvGSrFS's post

You can download Removal Order Details and Removal Order Shipment Details reports from Reports > Fulfillment - near the bottom of that page.

You can also see those detail when you look at the Manage Orders page for that order. It will identify quantities shipped and you can see the shipments with tracking details from that page as well.


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