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Identify opportunities to sell products that are in high demand in the EU, the UK, and Japan

by News_Amazon

Marketplace Product Guidance provides weekly customer insights and FBA selection recommendations. Based on the guidance, decide which products and what inventory levels you want to offer in the US, the EU, the UK, and Japan.

Marketplace Product Guidance uses machine learning to generate predictive recommendations based on the opportunity that your products may have across different stores. You can also use category insights to analyze and target the preferences of your buyers.

The tool offers the following types of product recommendations:

  • Global product demand uses machine learning to analyze more than 600 data points and recommends stores where you have the best potential for expansion.
  • Category insights allows you to analyze category trends, including metrics for selection and competition across stores. You can tailor your product offerings in accordance with the preferences of your buyers.

For more information, go to Marketplace Product Guidance.

To access the tool, go to Marketplace Product Guidance.

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