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Guide on the A+ modules, both Brand Story and A+ content

by Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj

This is far from my most comprehensive guide, but there is limited information about it A+ and its modules; particularly about Brand Story. Here is a brief explanation on how to fill each section/module.

A+ content is accessible for accounts that are registered in Brand Registry.

It simply is an enhanced way to display the description of the products using images, tables, hyperlinks, and texts. A “superior” version, called A+ Premium or A++ is available for brands enrolled in the Vendor program, or for a limited time, to sellers that meet these requirements.

A+ content is reached by going to “Advertising, A+ content manager”, where it shows a table with the existing A+ Content. On the top right corner of the page there’s an additional link that says “start creating A+ content” by clicking it, sellers can create A+ content.

A+ content allows to include a series of modules that allow the brand representative to demonstrate the virtues of the product. There are two types of A+ content, “Enhanced Product Description” and “Brand Story”

One of the most common questions about A+ content is if the texts added through the modules is indexed for keywords and discoverability. The answer is a resounding no. Listings get indexed by “search terms” and “subject matter”. Not by spamming titles, key features, and descriptions.
Sellers can choose if they want to do “Basic” content, “Brand Story” or both.

Because Amazon loves consistency, on a listing with both Brand Story and Basic content, the Brand Story will appear first; therefore, though it is to the right of the screen, we will explain it first.
On a listing Brand Story appears as a horizontal banner with a background image and multiple “modules” superimposed on the image. Brand Story does not supplant the description of the product.

Sellers need to add a name on the “Content name” box, and can quickly add a background image by clicking the “add background image” button, as well as an optional small slogan and some also optional quick-info in the text box located to the left of the “Brand Carousel Background”

When adding the image this screen will show:

Asking for a main image and a logo image.
By clicking the “Add Module” button, sellers will see the following options

**First Module, Brand ASIN and Store Showcase**

Is likely my favorite. It allows to add links to 4 ASINs of the brand and a link to the Store. In other words, buyer can jump to other ASINs of your brand from here.

When selected, the puppers disappear and looks like this:

Simply look for the ASINs that you want to promote in your “Manage Inventory” tab, copy-paste them and add pictures of said ASINs

A short headline has to be added (a second slogan of sorts)

A link to the Brand Store can be added (is optional). To add the link you just need the store ID. The Store ID is found by going to your store (click your ASIN, right under thee title it’ll say “visit your store”). The URL will say something like You only need to add the part after the last slash, all the “X”s, which of course, can be any alphanumeric combination.

**Second module, Brand Focus Image,**

Extremely straight forward, simply add an Image that you want to promote, an optional headline and/or text. No hyperlinks to other products

**Third module, Brand Logo and Description**

Boringly similar, but a smaller image and a larger required text. No headline.

**Fourth module, Brand Q&A**

Allows the seller to list up to 3 questions and answers. There are a couple pre-proposed questions, but the seller can customize them. In total the 3 answers together can not exceed 600 characters.

In total, Brand Story can have all 4 modules and look ridiculous. In my opinion, it should not have more than 2.

That concludes the tutorial on the modules for Brand Story. Sellers then need to link the ASINs to the story, but I’m not going to explain how to click the “next” button. It’s to the right of the screen.

When creating Enhanced Content (commonly known as A+ content), this is the first screen that sellers see:

A+ content has a limit of a maximum of 5 modules. There are 17 modules from which to choose:

**First, Standard Company Logo**

it’s complicated, a picture, I would suggest the brand’s logo:

**Second, Standard Comparison Chart**

By far the best one. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

Allows to link up to 6 different ASINs, showing the image and the name of each of them, and create a table up to 10 rows deep comparing the different ASINs. In other words, not only do the sellers get to showcase their products to the buyers, they get to educate them on the differences. The linking process is the same as in the Brand ASIN and Story Showcase described for Brand Story. Simply copy the ASINs from the “Manage Inventory” and compare away.

I personally think that 10 rows is excessive, anything above 4 is pushing the attention span of the buyers.

Anybody with at least 2 products under their brand should have this module on their A+ content.

**Third, Standard Four Image Text**

The poor man’s version of the Standard Comparison Chart

No hyperlinks to link products, but it allows to even display more products if you are so incline. I don’t recommend using this, not because is not a good module (I’m sure it is) but because it’s an overload after the Comparison Chart. This is very useful if you’re trying to show many virtues of a same product.

For instance, TallyTony’s Boiled Peanuts can be eaten by themselves, on a salad, while hiking, etc.
The seller then adds some Headlines and tex. Something inspirational would work nicely. Headline “Camping” Body text “When you’re wet, sore and miserable, have some boiled peanuts for comfort” or something like that.

Headlines are up to 160 characters long, text up to 1000 characters each.

**Fourth, Standard Fourth Image Text/Quadrant**

Exact same thing as before. Just imagine that instead of matrixes of 1x4, you like matrixes of 2x2.

**Fifth and Sixth, Standard Image & Dark/Light Text Overlay**

I can’t justify these being two different entries.

Add an image, add your headline and text. One text will have a light overlay, the other a clear one. My suggestions is pick one or the other, don’t use them both in the same A+. Headline is up to 160 characters, body of text up to 300 characters.

**Seventh module, Standard Header with text**

Big image, short headline/slogan up to 150 characters, descriptive text up to 6000 characters. I’ll rant about long texts on the ninth module. My suggestion is don’t.

**Eight module, Standard Multiple Images Module A**

I have used this a few time.

Allows for a large image and 4 sub-images. Each of the 5 images gets a caption, and there’s room for a descriptive text. This is great when showing different aspects of a product. Ideal for variations, or for versatile ASINs. Headline is up to 160 characters long, text up to 1000 characters long.

**Ninth module, Standard Product Description Text**

Because sometimes nothing is better than a wall of text, I guess? Up to 6000 characters of rambling. You can put spaces and bullets. I don’t recommend making the A+ content look like the MySpace of a 14 year old kid on the early 2000s; this is a professional platform (allegedly) so make sure that the listing looks professional. If for some reason you need to add text, add freaking text, tables, graphs, etc; just leave the :smiley faces: for the text messages.

**Tenth Eleventh and Twelfth modules, Standard Single Image & Highlights/Sidebar/Specs Details**

These modules are closely related, but have their differences and virtues. Personally, I like the “Sidebar” better, but to each his own. These modules are divided in three columns which we will name “left, center and right”

All allow for an image on the left side, with a Headline and Subheadline to the right of the image, and then the small differences come out.

In the case of the Standard Single Image & Highlights, the seller can add three bodies of text of different length (1000 characters for the first and 400 for the second and third). The second and third bodies of text can have their own Subheadlines. To the right, the seller may add an indiscriminate amount of 100-character bullet points under yet another Headline. In short, lots of text in different formats.

In the case of the Standard Single Image & Sidebar, the one I like best of these three. On the center column, below the Headline and subhedline, the seller can add up to 500-charcaters worth of text, and then bullet points below said text. I usually don’t use those bullet points. On the column to the right, the seller can place a small image, headline, 500-characters of text, and more bullet points.

In the case of the Standard Single Image & Specs and Details, the seller gets the same options as in the “Highlights” version, just scrambled. The seller can add two different bodies of text (400 and 600 characters long) in the center column, each with its respective header and subheader. And on the right column, the seller can add the bullet points and a 1000-character long text.

All in all, good modules, that can contain a lot of information. Maybe too much. I personally recommend simple listings. If I get the urge to write a looong text, I write a “how to” thread in the forum.

**Thirteenth and fourteenth modules, Standard Single Left/Right Image**

Nice and easy modules, one with an image to the left, the other with an image to the right. A headline of up to 160 characters, a body text of up to 1000 characters.

**Fifteenth module, Standard Technical Specifications**

Great for electronic, chemicals, technical products, etc. It allows for a table up to 16 rows long where the seller can list a 30 character specification and a 500 character definition. No hyperlinks to outside content.

**Sixteenth module, Standard Text**

A headline of up to 160 characters with a text of up to 5000 characters. See the considerations given above to previous walls of text.

**Seventeenth module, Standard Three Images and Text**

If it looks familiar, sure there was one that was four images and text.

Up to 160 characters of headlines, up to 1000 characters of text per image.

Closing suggestions:

Nothing sold on Amazon should be so complicated as to need 4 modules of Brand Story and 5 Modules of Enhanced Content.

If you use Brand Story, avoid using large background images on the Enhanced content. Is repetitive.

Don’t repeat content unnecessarily.

Between the Brand ASIN and Store Showcase module in Brand Story and the Standard Comparison chart in the enhanced content you can link (4 + 6) 10 ASINs to your listing. I would suggest that the listing itself is present in both the module of Brand Story and Enhanced Content, but still; this is a great way to direct traffic from your most popular ASIN to your up-and-coming ASINs.

Check for typos, spelling and grammar mistakes, consistency errors. It’s not a thread of the forum. Make A+ content look professional.

Spend a little bit of money on a graphic designer and pictures that showcase the product. Again, make it look professional. Be proud of what you create.

Don’t think that A+ is a way to break policy. Don’t promise incentives for reviews, or don’t offer your contact information. The truth is that you’re not difficult to find, but the buyers don’t want to buy from you. They want to buy your product from Amazon, so let them buy it in peace and don’t risk your account trying to be sneaky, adding forbidden content.

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In reply to: Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj's post

Thank you @TallyTony, this is hugely helpful! Absolutely bookmarking this for future use

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Time for a bump of this oh-so-useful tutorial.

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Glad that Dogtamer bumped this. I forgot to add the link to my doc.

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Excellent breakdown. Appreciate the effort.

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A bump from us too.
Thank you for the time and work product.

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