Why is it so difficult to reach Amazon Seller Support now?


I had a recent issue and went online to try and reach Seller Support. Basically, it seems like in all the categories of issues, you get stuck in a FAQ tree, with no way to send e-Mail or call.

I finally made a phone call after doing an online search for it. The phone number given also had a message that it would be discontinued after July 31 in order to provide better service!

We need to be able to reach seller support when needed without sending out “cold case” detectives.


Not sure if you are Pro seller account, but Help- Contact us- It will bring up a box “Tell us how we can help” when you type in the reason it will free up the options to the left to choose issue and request contact. If they bring up an FAQ tree they usually have a “something else” option.


A large number of the seller contacts with support are inappropriate.

The Contact us tree is intended to route appropriate issues to the correct seller support group and provide other information sources for issues which are not within the intended scope of support activities.

Like all of Amazon’s bot process is limited by the sorry state of the art of Artificial Intelligence.


The new number, is also given at the same time, if you would have listened to the entire message:


Seller Support is almost non-existent for USA sellers.

If you get your call connected you’ll get a foreigner based on a third world country who is not willing to help. After all they get paid 3 cents per hour.

Better look up online for answers.


I just gave it a try and it brought the 4 top solutions to my “problem” but there was no “something else” option.


When you called the support, they will just create a ticket for you, that is all. Better to just create a ticket on your own or do live chat.

You might better off listing your question in this forum and sellers can probably give you more helpful responses.


Not sure, are you a pro Seller or individual, that may make the difference, maybe someone else can update as I am not sure.


I typed gibberish in the Contact Us search box and the box popped up on the left side. This is the first one with a box to enter anything. Even if it isn’t relevant to your question, at least it will open a case.

Your results may vary, I could not get to this box last week when I posted your same question to the forums.


Because they want it to be.


The phone number you referred to also states that after the current phone service ends you can reach Seller Support at 888-280-4331.


After July 31 Call 1-888-280-4331. It says it when you call their old number.
And if you’re unhappy with foreign support, just say I’d like to speak with an American.
Works for me.

Amazon has an online retail monopoly so don’t expect much from them.


Similar to the old “If a tree falls in the forest…” saying - If you contact Seller Support, and they don’t actually do ANYTHING to help the situation, did Support actually happen?


Dunno, maybe their translation software is broke. I’ve had a hazmat case open for 8 days without a response at the FBA department. It’s an FBM item, and like a tool (think of a wrench and not hazmat).

I can’t understand the reps, so yes disconnecting the phone would be less frustrating than trying to make sense of every tenth word the rep says.

Amazon has poor seller support services all the way around. But how much are we sellers willing to pay for better support? $100 a month pro seller fees? 30% transaction fees? At least in this regard, most sellers are no different than buyers - they want the best product/service and they want it cheap.


I just went through this yesterday. Got caught in the suggested answer loop none of which applied to my situation. After digging through many different threads in this forum, I found one that worked. 1. Click Help then Contact Us button depending what page you start from. 2. When presented with window Tell Us How We Can Help You, enter 1 and hit enter. 3. Magically the left side of the screen which was greyed over, clears up and you can see a list of options for contacting Amazon. I was so caught up in the right side of the screen that I didn’t see the obvious on the left half. After several messages I was given the choice of response by email, phone or chat. If this doesn’t answer your question, I hope it will help someone else


that is the one thing I do not like about Amazon, is their customer service when you have a problem with your sellers account! Cant get a real live person, only contact through emails or chat on line.
Their customer service policy needs improving.


Thank you, this ism a good thing to know!


Strangely enough, this actually worked. However, as of today (9/11/2018) I can only get to the left side of the screen finally showing a list of help subjects. However, none of them lead to a contact us link. In fact, there is no option for “my issue is not listed” or something similiar. In my case, Im trying to get an inventory report issue handled but no such option exists for it.

Oy, I guess they really do not want us bothering them if they are making us go through the steps you described just to even get to those screens (that we used to have at our disposal right away).


Very Well said. :train2:


Its a sign. Amazon is mobilizing and getting ready to destroy us all.