Why does Amazon allow to sell fake products?


I can see a lot of fake Loui Vuitton and Gucci replica on Amazon. Though this item doesn’t labeled as brands, it’s definitely fake cause they use logos and designs from those luxury products. I attached the photo.
Is this even legal? Or anyone can just steal design and logos from popular brands and sell anything, just don’t mention those brands in the description and all gonna be ok?


Because they make money doing it and Federal Law lets them get away with it…

For Now


My guess would be that LVMH has not yet seen these to complain about them to Amazon.

I suspect that if you let LVMH know about these listings, they might file a complaint with Amazon. You can contact them from their website.

And no, selling these is not legal.


These listings are crafted to avoid Amazon bots and this site is too large to police using human beings, so if a bot doesn’t find it the manufacturer has to.


Come on man… what Federal statute allows people to traffic counterfeit goods?


why do corporations sell fake food because they want profit


WOW can’t believe there are still fakes like that.

One thing that Amazon really need look into are fake items that are life threatening.
Last time my brother brought a brand name EBC brake pad from Amazon - fulfilled. The brake pad only lasted him 1 month. It is a fake product for sure.


Peter Navarro sent a stern warning several months ago to Ebay, Amazon & Alibaba about getting control of fakes/counterfeits on their websites. I hope they make an effort.

On a separate note, one of the gang in the “FAANG” (FaceBook) just got slapped by the FTC with an unprecedented fine of $3 Billion dollars. The largest ever against a tech company. Crackdown on the FAANG is underway.


The one that allows Amazon to be “exempt from prosecution” because they only “import, warehouse, and ship” the counterfeits for the real “sellers”.

The law allows Amazon to claim it doesn’t “sell” anything…


Just because Amazon isn’t responsible for it doesn’t mean the 3PS can get away with it. If LVMH wants to go after them, they can.


As long as people are buying something there will be sellers.
Technically Amazon does not sell anything so they are using this grey area to avoid problems with law.
Seller making money, amazon making money, poor people who can not afford real LV are saving money.
They would not have spend money at real LV store as they can not afford it. So basically LVMH does not loose anything. Their main concern are those who sell fake products as originals targeting their own customers. But majority of these listings are obviously fake and not intended for LVMH audience. So for LVMH its not really top priority to hunt down all fake sellers. Other parties are perfectly fine with it making money.


Actually, it’s called “Dilution of brand”. If they let people use their trademarks without authorization and do not attempt to stop them, eventually they will lose the trademark; at which point their company becomes worthless.
They will defend their trademark, and make that very clear on their website (“Zero Tolerance”)


Declaring zero tolerance and actually enforcing it are two completely different things. Declaring does not hurt anything. it even adds some additional value and nice story to a site.

Enforcing requires time, money and resources which in many cases could be used more wisely for something else rather than fighting with China.

It all comes down to expenses and returns


Lake is exactly correct.

You could report to seller support, however we found there is a much more quick and efficient method which will end them in 24 hours. On the ad itself, find the REPORT INCORRECT INFORMATION tab and click it. Fill out the form saying the incorrect photo is displayed. Photo displays Loui Vuitton product but ad does not for a Loui Vuitton product. The report goes directly to a human who’s sole job it is to correct the situation. Go ahead and give it a try. :train2:


I did this before for other products. Amazon did absolutely nothing.
It seems like Amazon only cares if violation was reported by buyer or brand owner.


We’ve only had success. :train2:


I have had success in getting pages changed using this method.

I am an Amazon buyer and a Prime member, maybe that counts for something.


Maybe you can report for this seller? https://www.amazon.com/stores/node/17862160011?encoding=UTF8&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Dsane&ref=w_bl_sl_ap_ap_web_17862160011

my claims did nothing


AZ is on the way Down…Growth will slow as online shopping becomes Yesterday’s News.

Many are too Poor to Shop…Others have More than They Need and Stop Shopping…


You are very wrong. People love shopping online, you can see the better deals easier, you can find what you want without wasting a day to find that item. Soon you will not be going to the grocery, we already use online shopping for grocery here and you just go pick up what you ordered, with no charge pretty much.

Its been going this way every year and only grows bigger by the year, you should really jump on board, or maybe just keep selling your 1 book a year and keep spewing your opinions.