We invite you to apply for the paid account management program called Marketplace Growth



does anyone have any feed back on this? is it worth it? will they protect your account, making sure your account is in good health and will let you know before seller performance does?

thanks in advance.

Amazon Professional Services - Account Manager
Marketplace Growth Representative - Is it worth it?

This is a scam I’ve also got some beach front property in Arizona and be willing to sell that you’ve just won a million dollars from Prince of Nigeria.


It is not a scam, but an additional way for Amazon to make money.

Sellers, who are using the program, are very satisfied with it - if you can afford it:

EDIT: Removed the link, since I am not 100% certain, it is the correct link for Amazon’s program, itself or another marketing company.

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Not a scam. A independent company did a report on it. Here is a snipit, you can do a google search for more.

"Amazon have a new program called Marketplace Growth, where sellers pay a monthly fee for access to an account manager. It consolidates into one scheme Amazon’s previous efforts to assist sellers via Seller Support Plus and Strategic Account Management.

Why do we need another account management program? Amazon have had many sellers send questions and requests, begging for an internal contact to help them manage their Amazon accounts…"


No it is not. It is an actual service provided by Amazon.


I just got this offer today as well. What a joke. There’s no way I’m paying $3500 a month for an Account Manager if it doesn’t include discounted selling fees, fulfillment fees, or lightning deal fees.


PLUS, I usually know more than any Amazon Manager I’ve ever spoke to on the phone. Oh, they always think they know more, but they usually don’t have a clue what it is like to be an Amazon seller.


I just finished their webinar. I am on board now.
$3500 per month not bad at all!!


I wish I could locate the thread, from a seller, who is using the program. They offered some valuable insights and are very satisfied with the results.

This is for well-established sellers, who can afford an additional $3,500 +/-, a month. While it may not be feasible, for many sellers, there are some, who will utilize the program.


1- Are you all sure it is from amazon?

2- Is this entire post is an advertisement or there people who serve to that company?

I checked whois data but did not see amazon there ( not an expert though)


Received one too, and It will cost you at least $2500/month. I don’t mind paying a fee for someone with authority to assist with account issues once in a while but I’m not that desperate.


We got a “free trial” of this over the summer. The Account Rep knew absolutely nothing about the Amazon Business. I was actually educating him most of our hour phone call. Every single question I asked, he had to go back to someone… and ultimately never even replied to us about anything, despite follow-ups.

He pushed very hard for advertising, FBA and selling on multiple marketplaces (International), but didn’t seem to have a clue about Amazon policies or procedures. I can’t imagine they’d actually fast track an inquiry or help with any guidance. Our experience with an Account Manager was horrible.

Marketplace Growth

This is old. I personally don’t know anyone who is using it but I don’t believe it will be anything more than having an US based support rep, who will answer your calls or advertise you new, paid Amazon services, without actually assisting with account or performance issues.

Here is the official Amazon site where you can sign up or read more:



Just got this too. Im curious if the rep can make up in profit each month for the 3500 that I pay Amazon for. I would think they would have to give me very specific, nearly secret, information for this to be worth it.


Could this be part of their plan all along to squeeze more money from 3rd party sellers:

First have full control over your sales (block your listings, dog pages, sprinkler, demographic showings, daily/monthly sales caps, frequent glitches, failing sellers support, etc.)

Then a light at the end of the tunnel for desperate sellers …
Private account manager to show you the way. Taking you to safety and the road to success skipping all the chaos they’ve created in the first place at a cost of $2,500 - $5,000/month …

WOW … just WOW!


only good thing i see-Keeping your Selling Account healthy. if the account manager will keep your account healthy. and making sure any issue there is to reach out to the seller before seller performance does. this is a service wroth the price.


im in it now for a month/6 weeks…for me, not close to worth it…still cannot get fake feedback removed…constant dog pages still…really, at this point they are just stealing 2500/month…seriously no better than the awful free ss…


nope…was shut down for a week while being a part of it


I’m guessing this program is most beneficial to large companies that don’t have a clue how amazon works. It is highly unlikely that this program is beneficial to experienced sellers looking for a quick fix to their issues.


We reveived the email also.

Amazon marketplace is on the decline from our perspective.

This is why I find this program to be insanely delusional:

  • Traffic is down 70% on a sku basis
  • Average selling price has plummeted over the past 18 months
  • Massive technical problems with listings vanishing
  • Heavily manipulated search, where Amazon shows whatever product makes THEM the most money
  • Massive ridiculous storage fee hikes, which are being passed onto the customer
  • Non existent seller support
  • Fraud and phony INR claims through the roof
  • Chinese sellers continue to spam and scam
  • Fake reviews are worse today than they were 12 months ago

So again, why would they expect anyone to pay them MORE money when they are failing in providing the services we’re already paying them for?

They should be cutting fees, not rolling out more totally useless money grab programs.

From our perspective, Amazon is on the decline. Other platforms are becoming more profitable.

Therefore; what we are willing to pay to Amazon is decreasing, not increasing.

Also, what they are offering is offered FREE over on eBay once you become a top rated seller.

If you have questions, you can call US based support and they’ll help you with listings, give you advice, etc. if you need it.

All the best,