USPS temporary price increase during peak season 2020


From October 18, 2020 to December 27, 2020, the U.S. Postal Service will be implementing a temporary commercial price increase. As a result, USPS rates on Buy Shipping will increase to coincide with this price increase. For information, please refer to the following announcement from the USPS.


Thank you for the update. We are receiving many INR claims from buyers when utilizing Amazon purchase postage. We have INR claims opened as far back as May and June. Hopefully we can get some of these resolved soon.


Amazon please take over door to door mail. PLEASE :slight_smile:


Anybody want to bet this “temporary” increase just magically becomes permanent?


Based on last years sales volume, this is going to cost me about $100. How is everyone else fairing?


Amazon must increase the 3.99 per item or 6.99 to whatever new price is.

USPS temporary price increase during peak season 2020

We’re looking at a couple hundred dollars per week. Probably just going to increase the prices on our low-margin items. No reason for us to eat this if buyers can.


Media Mail it is from now on!


It is what it is. As a seller I will just pass this down to Amazon buyers. I will also ship many of my packages media mail so while the post office believes they are going to make more money…they will actually lose money with me. I hope all sellers do the same in the media category.


The federal income tax was temporary.


Until USPS opens your items to check, then sends it back to you to pay more and then your buyer also doesn’t get item on time and your account suffers. Does happen. Careful with that one.

(edit to say, if it is actually media mail worthy- absolutely!)


Cashing in on online holiday shopping during a pandemic, from Oct 18th to Dec 27th - with a “temporary” increase in commercial prices, but not the retail prices. How is this even legal!?!?!? - that they can impose a temporary raise just for holiday shopping during a pandemic!?

Since January 2020, the USPS has lost, broken, or miss-mailed more packages for me than any other ytd. I get it COVID-19, but now you want a raise? If you cannot even successfully deliver mail to mutual customers, why should you receive a raise for holiday shopping only and during a pandemic - where most feel safe shopping online rather than in-store. It’s not like the USPS lost any money during the pandemic - oh that’s right, we need money because we are miss-managed to the extreme, so let’s make commercial accounts pay for it. Is the US government bailing the USPS out on top of the raise? Is it temporary or just a ploy to raise prices and then make them stick after the holidays. #Returns via #USPS - hello!!??
Might be time for me to seek other options.


Dear Amazon, you know what to do. Give USPS a Price Alert and suspend their Buy Shipping options until they fix it


The Power Brokers need to get as much money as they can before they are hopefully out.
Wake up America! This is just another way OUR tax moneys are being ripped off and the public is being fleeced . And our lifestyles are compromised There should be accountability for where this increase is going.


ECommerce sales are up tremendously. I am surprised they did not do it sooner so they can hire more people.


I’m the lone thumbs up - Maby this helps them stay in business and we save more money in the long run!!


Commercial — Not Retail

Lots of us ship USPS retail pricing!


You need to be careful shipping anything Media mail that does not qualify.

They can open your packages on any Media mail - and you can be Federally Fined if what is in your package is Not Media!


Looks like Media Mail will get more use. We’ll sometimes go FCM but not with this increase.


We sellers are making less and less because you are not allowing all of us to charge what we need to charge for shipping. Your set shipping prices are majorly antiquated & many of us are being majorly burned on a regular basis because of the losses we take by you charging too little postage to the customer already! Many of us have voiced this over & over to you Amazon & you won’t help us out on this. Adding to this is the problem of you (Amazon) setting limits on the prices we can charge customers for our items due to HIGH-PRICING ERRORS you send us. It used to be said that we should raise our prices to the customers to make up for the loss we would be hit with due to the shipping price charged not being enough to cover our costs. We can no longer do that or you send us a HIGH-PRICING error.

I am not in business to take a loss… sale after sale & allow Amazon to be the only one making money from my sales. I work hard at my job!..Don’t forget… I also have to pay for all the shipping supplies with that undersized shipping fee you charge the customer! Then top it all off with Amazon increasing the return policy on customer purchases for the extended period of time during the holiday season. I may end up having to close my store during this time period…should I find that I am continually losing money.

It is pretty sad how little you (Amazon) care about your hard working sellers. :confounded::frowning: