USPS Alert - Awaiting Delivery Scan


I am extremely concerned that several of my customers throughout July have been telling me they did not receive their orders. When I check their tracking numbers, USPS shows that the order was out for delivery that day, but then late that same night there is an Alert message that states the item has not been updated and it is awaiting a delivery scan. Funny thing is these all seemed to happen on July 13th, so it would seem this was an internal service-wide issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

Another concern is that I don’t know if the packages were really delivered or not, since Amazon will usually report to the customer that a package might be lost if the delivery status was not confirmed, and they could be taking advantage of this to either get a free product or a refund. What a mess.


I am also concerned about this. I had this happen to me twice on ebay this month (never before in my years of selling), and would like to know if this is a new scam. Seems like it’s affecting Amazon sellers as well. Unfortunate.


It’s not a scam, but a problem with USPS carriers, not scanning items, at Delivery time. It’s a new USPS designation.

So far, haven’t heard anything from the buyers, so assuming, they received the items.

I have a few, beginning July 21 and continuing through August 6, which was a Priority parcel:

August 6, 2018, 10:36 pm
Awaiting Delivery Scan
- The delivery status of your item has not been updated as of August 6, 2018, 10:36 pm. We apologize that it may arrive later than expected.

August 6, 2018, 8:36 am
Out for Delivery - MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ 08759


I’m getting a couple of these as well. The one on Ebay is actually for an order that I placed. It came from NY to my local NC Distribution Center and got re-routed back to NY. The company that I ordered it from thinks I refused it.

An item I shipped “FIRST CLASS” a week ago on Amazon is still showing received in the distribution center every day since August 8th. I guess it will be In Transit FOREVER! :exploding_head: Thank God the customer was understanding as I was able to send a replacement.


Any idea when this new designation was put into effect? I’m finding very little info on it. It seems to me like a very easy way for a buyer to scam a seller because there’s no recourse if it shows awaiting delivery scan in perpetuity.

Like I said, I’ve had two buyers in the past month hit me with this. I’ve been selling for years and never had an issue until now. $750 in sales gone.

Thanks for the info, it’s truly appreciated.


I can only assume it may have went into effect on July 13th, since that was the date that I noticed multiple packages were showing they were awaiting final delivery scans. I guess not all carriers got the memo, or just simply forgot to do it.

It’s a shame that Amazon shows the customer “your package may be lost” when that is most likely not the case at all. It just helps promote INR. And who is to prove it otherwise? Sorry to hear you lost $750 in sales over this, that is outrageous. And then the USPS wants to keep raising their rates? How about raising the level of service while they’re at it!


No doubt. When a scamming buyer sees this its almost like they won the lottery. The same applies when a carrier mistakenly scans packages “delivered” at the time of pickup. The delivered scan shows the same city where the pickup occurred and online tracking will never update after that. Granted, you can call the USPS and get accurate tracking info from them, but since Amazon won’t do that it’s a slam dunk refund in full for scammers. And when the scammer bites on the opportunity, USPS will deny any insurance claims for being lost since their backend system shows it as delivered. Even when you show them that the buyer claimed INR and you paid out the claim, USPS will slam the door in your face.


I can’t find any information, on USPS, either. Many questions, but few answers. It seems to be the new, "“Delivery Status Not Updated”, message, which was just as bad.

I found a few more, after I posted previously and thankfully, on the few orders this happened to, the buyers left positive feedback. Our orders were under $100, but nonetheless, it makes your heart skip a few beats.

Going to call the local post offices, of the buyers with affected numbers, tomorrow morning, if for no other reason, than to make the post office aware of the negative effect this has on sellers. Usually, when you mention “Amazon”, they take note.

Suggest everyone else does the same.

So sorry this happened to you…


I have seen this happen as well several times throughout this year, so it seems that’s a new thing too, since I never really saw it happen before. The package will arrive at a USPS distribution center, sometimes a local one, and sometimes half way across the country. They usually stay stuck for a week or more. Sometimes they don’t move at all and I either have to replace or refund. Other times it will say it departed a distribution center, and every day it will continue to say it’s in transit, but it takes forever and always misses the estimated delivery dates.

I cringe giving the replacement or refund knowing the customer will eventually receive the original, but you can’t leave them hanging either. Some customers agree to refuse the second package, where others just cease all communication. Ironically those are the ones who are the most chatty about demanding a replacement or refund, then they receive the original order after their replacement or refund had already been sent, and they suddenly clam up.


Yes, these issues are becoming more common for us too with USPS. I had USPS state the item was picked up by the buyer, when, it was not. ( Regular customer that orders all the time ) Anyway, call the local post office and they can give you a lot of information and in many cases find the package within a day or two. In the instance above, they had the package there at the local post office because there was a new carrier they were having trouble with and it was scanned wrong. I was able to let the customer know she could pick up the package or arrange another delivery.

Just go to USPS and put in the buyer’s zipcode and that should pull the closest post office. Call them and talk to the supervisor. You can also call the main 800 number and file a trace on the delivery…many times the local office calls back with delivery information. It helps combat some of the INRs.


Is it possible that NJ/PA and the North Have been hit with massive rain storms?

Many Towns have had flooding and could affect delivery, just a theory…


My two were shipped to two different places, so I doubt that.


I’m having this same issue for the first time in a few of our packages. Of course the buyers are claiming they never got the item and want a refund or replacement. Some are even threatening a negative feedback if don’t get the item. It’s impossible to tell if they did or not. For all I know they either got the item or the USPS just lost it. I’ve reached out to the USPS main customer service number where you wait for an hour, and then they give a case number that means and does nothing; They have no clue to the issue. I’m now calling each local USPS office to see if I get more information, but unfortunately I’m having no luck there either! The local number goes into a fax machine squeal or no one picks up. Very Frustrating - Our USPS really stinks! These are all low priced/low weight items under $20 so using UPS or Fedex as an alternative is not an option. So far, I’m looking at having to refund at least 4 orders with this issue and take the loss!

Is anyone else having this issue recently? If so, any luck on resolving it?


Same here all in July! That is why I started to pay the extra money in getting insurance just in case costing me more shipping out replacements


Same. Had one about a month ago.


I just checked the tracking on 50 randomly chosen orders from July 5th to August 10th. I had two instances of ‘out for delivery’ as the last entry. One of those was entered on July 13th.

I had no ‘awaiting delivery’ entries. I hope someone can use this data.

EDIT: The previous comments were based on Amazon data. When I looked at the tracking info on USPS.con, both were ‘Awaiting delivery scan’.

Those two ‘awaiting delivery scan’ entries were on July 13th and August 14th. ( FWIW, one was BPM, one was MM )


Call USPS local office about the issue. I had that happen only once a couple months ago. Submitted a ticket on USPS website and called destination office about the delivery update without confirmation. Already got ready if the buyer would complain non-delivery, but no message came from the buyer for two months. If the buyer did contact, I would forward the USPS update to them. The package was delivered according to USPS destination office but just no confirmation updated online.


I had this happen once some time ago; I call USPS and gave them the tracking numbers and all was taken care of shortly. In my case, we had a different postman and he had scanned the items wrong.


I’ve had the same issue. Unfortunately, Amazon and the customer are not always understanding.


This happened to me a few months ago and the package has just disappeared into thin air. I thought maybe the agent deleted the scan info. I’ll be taking everything in myself from now on so I receive a receipt I can hang on to as proof of shipment.