US Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Fee update and faster shipping


In 2023, we’ll update Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fees and launch improvements, including faster shipping, free integrator apps, and enhanced shipment tracking functionality.

2023 MCF fee update

On January 19, 2023, US MCF fees will be adjusted to reflect the significant investments that we’ve made to improve our shipping speeds and add new features. MCF will continue to provide best-in-class fulfillment services – which are, on average, priced lower than alternatives – with up to 50% discounts on multi-unit orders, and unbranded packaging at no additional cost.

For more information, go to 2023 US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fee changes.

MCF improvements: Faster shipping speeds and new features

We’re excited to announce that we're improving our standard shipping speed from 7 days (from “click to deliver”) to 5 days. We'll also continue to offer expedited three-day shipping and priority two-day shipping.

In addition, we have recently launched new MCF features, including free-to-install MCF app experiences for BigCommerce, Wix, and Adobe (Magento), and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification of our IT security systems.

We welcome your feedback

We use your feedback to improve our services and spark ideas for new features. If you have any feedback on these updates, reach out to us at

For more information on MCF, go to Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

37% price hike for MCF

37% price hike for my items - 5oz large standard. Was $5.35 and will now be $7.35.

37%! I thought Amazon wanted to expand their 3PL, but clearly not.


Wow, at some point the shipping cost increases for a products will be so high that people will actually start going back to buying from stores as online will be too expensive.


The next biggest improvement you can make is allowing us to design the packing slips. No mini 4"x4" scrap piece of paper with a bunch of Amazon lingo and the tiniest font used for the Seller message. I would like to put my brand logo on the packing slip, and make it READABLE to someone.


Faster shipping means nothing when their handling time reaches 1-2 weeks. We’ve been marked down on other platforms because Amazon has failed to ship out MCF orders in a timely manner. It seems to be the last unit of an item that gets “stuck” in fulfillment. Anyone else have this problem?


This is extremely steep, also lumping all small categories, prevents any item under $20 to be not sold outside Amazon.


When will MCF be available to ship to Canada and All the rest of the world?



This will not happen until US and Canada form a federation like the EU and I do not expect to see that in my life time.

It was in place for media and also, accidentally, for non-media several years ago. It worked for about 3 months. They shut that down as Amazon does not want to get into doing the paperwork for a third party seller where they see no commission.


Tried to create a MCF order last week and it showed a 10 day to home (even for expedited).

Couldn’t believe my eyes. It used to be 2-3 days for standard.

Keep in mind, the product had ~1000 units avail at FBA and nicely distributed across the network.

Was going to automate our DTC business with MCF now that we can do blank boxes / no smile van but forget that. Amazon just priced themselves out of the market. We can now do this cheaper and faster ourselves. What a shame and pretty shocking actually. 37%… 4.5X the current rate of inflation.


That is already the case, between shipping cost, ads cost and high return rates, prices on amazon is going to be higher than store and even other online stores.

  1. You should add multi-tracking if there are multiple items in an order and they are shipped separately.
  2. Ability for customers to send gift messages.
  3. Ability for customers to have items gift-wrapped.


I’m too lazy to look, but what is the difference between Amazon’s MCF and the Mart’s? You know since Amazon only follows industry standards and all.


My last three orders from FBA did not include a packing slip. Two of them were not packaged, either. Photo in the link:


Your thought comes through as quite informed @SUNDANCE . It is “kind of” happening already :frowning:


Well all my FBA products - with hundreds in stock - are showing earliest delivery of 8 days from now…so why in the world would I use MCF right now.


Faster shipping? LOL
We have 83 units available, distributed between more than 10 FC’s around the country. I wanted to create a MCF order, and the fastest delivery is 8 days!


Hi @Giveittome

MCF already allows exports in Media categories and we hope to extend this soon to other categories as well!



Yeah Media I already knew. It’s the normal stuff that i was talking about.


MFC continues to be slow and will become even more and too expensive.
Even Expedited fulfillment order is not shipped within the promised time it should result in a late penalty paid to the seller.


so good