Updates to US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees start May 9


As we continue to respond to challenges brought about by the pandemic, we wanted to let you know that US Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fees will be adjusted starting May 9, 2022.

These updates reflect the rising costs of fulfillment and transportation, and will help ensure that we continue to provide you with speed, reliability, and quality of service.

The following fee changes will take effect:

  • On May 9, fulfillment fees will increase to ensure that MCF fees are competitive with other third-party logistics providers.
  • On August 1, surcharges will apply to orders in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Alaska.

For more information, go to 2022 US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees.

Support for your business

To help support your business growth, we’ve made significant improvements to our fulfillment and delivery network since the start of the pandemic. With these improvements, we provided 97% on-time delivery and more than doubled our US fulfillment center capacity to help meet rising demand.

In addition, we’ve opened more than 350 new fulfillment centers, sortation centers, regional air hubs, and delivery stations in the US.

Look for exciting updates to MCF in the coming months. In the meantime, we’ve recently introduced the following new features:

  • The MCF Performance report lets you monitor your unbranded-packaging enrollment status. You can also view what percentage of your units were shipped in unbranded packaging.
  • There are updated features for sellers who have integrated Listing Mirror, SellerCloud, Pipe17, Acenda, Selling Express, FeedStation, ChannelAdvisor, JoeLister, GeekSeller, WebBee, and SellerActive. These updates include automatic enrollment in unbranded packaging and the ability to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier.

Thanks, and let us know your thoughts

We welcome your feedback about MCF changes at us-mcf-fee-announce-feedback@amazon.com.

We’ve also created a resource for Seller Central tips and an option to sign up for email updates about new features and best practices.

We appreciate your participation in MCF as we continually work to improve our services for you.


Hedging our bets, are we?


I love how they make it sound like the increase is them doing us a favor.


language :slight_smile:


We’ve pretty much stopped giving out free inventory to disgruntled customers because the MCF rates are already higher than the actual retail price of the product.

All customers are now referenced to amazon customer service in the most polite and politique fashion.


Why can’t the info be this simple:
“We are raising prices on (xyz), deal with it”
Just once, just once please!
I actually resent the fluff way more than the price increase. Price increase are going to happen, fluff is just a polite way of lying.
Everyone, let’s all the try the truth and see what happens.

  • On May 9, fulfillment fees will increase to ensure that MCF fees are competitive with other third-party logistics providers.

PR spin is on 110% here. Who raises prices to be “competitive”. That is outright nonsense lol.


So Amazon would be happy if 3% of my orders arrived late, included co-mingled inventory and returned/insufficiently inspected items reshipped as new, and provided no recourse to the customer if we chose the cheapest shipper and that’s what caused the “seller fault” error? Good to know.


I don’t get it. As a customer, many of my shipments are NOT received on time! Prime delivery has gotten worse and worse and I live inside the city limits - not some rural address that is hard to get to. On the upside, some of my FBA refunds are now being credited back to my account because of not being received in good condition. At least Amazon is starting to pay attention that buyers are using/damaging products before returning them. I had one reimbursement this morning that said the warehouse lost the item. :rofl:

But like others have pointed out, if Amazon is going to increase prices then just say it. Don’t whitewash it with a bunch of jargon that is meant to try to get you to swallow a bitter pill. I have put off raising prices on my products but with everyone else raising prices (carriers, Amazon, etc.), I am going to be forced to raise mine. I received an email from one of my suppliers yesterday informing me that I should place orders for anything I need (even out of stock) by the end of this month as there would be a price increase in April, but any existing orders would be honored at the current price. They said, “This price increase is not a little one but a BIG one, on average, an increase of 23%.


Huh? An increase to be competitive?

" * On May 9, fulfillment fees will increase to ensure that MCF fees are competitive with other third-party logistics providers."


MCF needs better multi unit pricing!

A 4 oz item ships for $5.39 (reasonable)… 10 of them if a customer wants which isn’t unusual for my website, they want $30 to ship. That weight can ship with UPS for $10-14, USPS at $8-15. And that is with my discounts, not Amazon super discount.


Never let good crisis go to waste.


we’ve received your submission but cannot reinstate your account. please provide greater detail in your fluff :sunglasses:


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Oh wait-what the heck is MCF anyway?


Also considering price increases every which way “the potential high price error” bot just needs to go - its so trippy even at a $1 increase that its laughable that amazon as a company realizes costs increases but refuses to allow sellers to make marginal adjustments without a lot of grief.


Sellers use MCF because Amazon was the cheapest, so it seems what they mean by raising prices to be more competitive is really they want to drive sellers away to other fulfillment systems so that there is more competition to be competitive with…?

Perhaps amazon bosses are saying amazon cannot handle so much stuff in the warehouses and they want us to find other places to store things?

I guess it is time to do more research into other fulfillment businesses. any recommendations?


At what point will Amazon higher ups realize that maintaining these profit margins by raising prices is not sustainable?


Here we go! More fee increases! Come May 9, I will be done with using MCF. Every fee increase this monopolistic corporation throws on us small businesses, the less profitable we become. Will have to raise prices yet again. But yet with all of these cost increases, the Chinese still don’t increase with their pricing one cent.


Can you recommend a good MCF alternative?


AMAZON themselves should be considered (blaimed?) as one of the top ten reasons for INFLATION!
Okay, maybe indirectly…